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Thank You to Our Women In Construction!

Thank you to our amazing women who bring their whole selves to our jobsites and to the entire construction industry. Your dedication, leadership, and passion for building communities is needed for our industry to grow and thrive. Keeley Construction is proud to offer numerous positions, both in the office and in the field, for women to grow their careers. We are so proud to have these incredible women in our Keeley family! Watch the video below to learn more and click here to meet some of our extraordinary women!

Tanisha Hudson | Laborer | Keeley Civil

Tanisha joined the construction industry for one main reason: to provide for her daughter. Her career in construction has allowed her to show her daughter what it means to strive for a better life and work hard for it.

"It is very motivational to be a women in construction because most women don't think they can do it. It has made me appreciate everything that I do, no matter how small."

Read more about Tanisha's journey here!

Kendra Recar | Laborer | Keeley Building

After graduating from college with her Bachelor's degree, Kendra realized she wanted a job where she could be actively working with her hands. This led her to Keeley Construction and she is excited to grow in her trade and career, bringing her leadership abilities to her team and paving the way for women joining the industry.

"I feel empowered from the moment I step onto a job. I have learned so much that I can utilize in my everyday life, even outside of work. At Keeley, I feel that my voice is actually heard and my ideas are truly taken into account."

Read more about Kendra here!

Amanda Schieffer | Oiler | Keeley Civil

Amanda knew she wanted to join the construction industry after growing up and watching her mom go through the Operator Apprenticeship Program. Her passion for construction is evident and she can't wait to continue her career journey and one day become an Operator.

"The empowerment I get from my crew members and leaders is incredible. I haven't experienced anything like it on any other job."

Read more of Amanda's story here!

Kelly Heilich | Project Engineer | Keeley Building

Keeley has worked hard to advance her career within the industry and she is an amazing asset to the Keeley Building Group. Her passion for her team gives her a clear vision for the future, with the Building Group being known for their attention to quality and ability to maintain relationships with both customers and subcontractors.

"I've been at several construction companies over the years and no one comes close to Keeley's culture. The way they look at and treat each team member as an individual, truly care about everyone's physical and mental well-being, and include everyone's family is unlike anything I've seen."

Learn more about Kelly here!

Sarah Becker | Account Manager | Keeley Paving

Sarah grew up in a construction family and saw how rewarding it was when her family members' hard work paid off. Since joining Keeley, Sarah has grown immensely and now manages one of the Paving Group's largest accounts. Her career growth is a direct result of her willingness to exceed expectations.

"I would encourage females within the industry to speak up and view yourself as an equal. Don't be afraid to challenge the 'normal' and work together with your team to help provide the best end product for your customers."

Read more about Sarah's career here!


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