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Keeley Building Spotlight: Cement Masons

New Construction | 10,125 SF | Hazelwood, MO | April 2024


Keeley Building was called upon by Cement Masons Local 527 for a new construction on a Training Facility in Hazelwood, MO. Keeley Building served as the General Contractor on the 10,125 SF tilt-up building.


As General Contractor, Keeley Building self-performed all rough carpentry and trim packaging. The team partnered with Introba as the architect and KPFF for structural work. Design-Build, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing were completed by trusted subpartners. Keeley worked closely with all partners to ensure the project was completed to the highest quality and safety standards and that the final facility functioned as intended.


Throughout the project, a few challenges arose, but Keeley was able to mitigate those challenges to complete the project on-time and under budget. RTUs and electrical materials proved to have long lead times, but the team worked closely with partners and developed an innovative procurement log that provided weekly updates and was closely monitored to ensure all items remained on schedule. When the team was working through permitting, they ran into some areas of work that were going to extend beyond anticipated durations. The team sat down and kept a close eye on the schedule. In the end, a creative solution was implemented to shorten or overlap other areas of the work to keep the project on schedule with no delays. Weekly overall project schedule updates proved to be incredibly valuable and showed the client how dedicated the team was to exceeding their expectations.


Keeley’s in-house Quality team proved to be a true advantage and allowed the team to gain the full trust of the Owner. The client relayed that they had not seen a company with dedicated quality personnel that made regular visits to the site, conducted peer reviews, provided detailed notes and feedback, and gave their full support throughout every step of construction. The Quality Team ensured that Keeley Building gave the client the best product possible.

This was a successful project that laid the foundation for a strong partnership between Keeley and Cement Masons.


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