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Construction Quality Management

"Quality, Safety, and Service never go out of style."

Since 1976...

- Larry Keeley | Founder & Chairman

Construction Quality Management

Every Keeley'n. Every Action. Every Time.

Culture of Quality

Quality is defined as “conformance to requirements”. At Keeley Construction, we believe in taking that one step further by creating a culture around quality that influences every Keeley'n, every action, every time. We set the benchmark for quality on every project and hold our sub-partners to our quality expectations. Our Quality Program is structured to help our team and subcontractors identify the appropriate requirements to ensure compliance, avoid rework, and exceed our client's expectations. We strive to complete our work right the first time.

Construction Quality Management
Construction Quality Management

Policy Statement

Consistent with our Mission and Values, it is our policy to provide clients with innovative construction services that meet the project standards for work practice and customer service, at the highest levels of quality. Keeley’s project teams are responsible for fostering a climate of continuous improvement and are empowered to suggest appropriate changes to achieve this goal.

Our Quality Values

Construction Quality Management


Preparation is crucial in implementing a construction quality program, as it involves thorough planning, identification of potential risks and hazards, and ensuring that all necessary resources and personnel are in place.

Construction Quality Management


Effective communication is essential in a construction quality program to ensure that all stakeholders are informed of quality standards, procedures, and expectations, and to facilitate collaboration and timely resolution of any quality issues.

Construction Quality Management


Verification is a critical aspect of a construction quality program as it involves conducting inspections, tests, and audits to ensure that work meets established quality requirements and standards.

Construction Quality Management


Documentation is a key element of a construction quality program as it involves the systematic recording and storage of information related to quality management activities, which can provide evidence of compliance and serve as a reference for future projects.

Phases of Quality

Preparatory Phase

The Preparatory Phase includes a design and document review used to confirm the coordination and constructability of the project.

The Initial Phase includes a field review of preliminary work to ensure compliance with contract documents.

Initial Phase

Follow-Up Phase

The Follow-Up Phase includes ongoing reviews of work and completion inspections.

Rectification of any concerns that arise through the Quality process.

Inspect What You Expect

Phases of Quality

Quality on YouTube

Quality and Service are two sides of the same coin. In this installment of Quality MATTers, Vice President of Quality, Matt Muller talks with Larry Keeley, the Founder & Chairman of the Board, to talk about how these two concepts can work to better each other.


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