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Transmission Line Construction

Keeley Civil

Keeley Civil Group provides support and services for the construction and installation of end-to-end electrical transmission and distribution systems across challenging terrains.

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We construct all electrical foundation types: drilled piers, driven piling, helical piling, micro-piling, and formed foundations. 

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We provide complete construction services to support environmentally sound spill control initiatives to entrap and contain transformer oil spills at live substations.

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We provide design and construction services to implement security initiatives to protect vital components of the power grid system from the threat of terrorism and general vandalism.

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We provide temporary roads/access during construction to support heavy traffic flow of equipment and materials to remote sites.

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Following the completion of construction, we restore the site and access with the intent to bring it back to its original conditions.

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Mark Twain Transmission Line 

Northeast MO

The Keeley Civil team was selected to construct the Mark Twain Transmission Line Project, extending 96 miles through Adair, Knox, Lewis, Marion, and Schuyler counties in Missouri. The goal of this transmission project was to improve capacity, grid strength, and provide significant local and regional benefits.


Keeley self-performed SWPPP, access, and foundation, providing a one-stop shop for everything excluding electrical work. With 95 team members on the job, Keeley was able to complete the project in less than a year, despite schedule changes due to local ownership and real estate challenges. In order to keep the project on schedule, Keeley mobilized seven foundation crews.

The 95 Keeley’ns on the jobsite have all been recognized by the customer for their focus and dedication to contributing countless hours of work to see the project to completion despite multiple challenges. Collaboration, innovative thinking, and persistence among Keeley and all other partners were vital factors in the success of this project.

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