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Keeley'n Spotlight: Rob Grzyb

Our Building Group passionately serves our customers by exceeding expectations with responsiveness and flexibility. Our teams are nationally recognized for our impact on communities, positively impacting the lives of those around us. Rob Grzyb, Senior Superintendent, leads one of our teams in the field and is currently working on the Building Group’s largest project, Marlowe.

Rob joined the Keeley family three years ago as a Superintendent focused on smaller, local projects. By prioritizing his career growth, he was able to become a Senior Superintendent, asked to lead the construction of Marlowe, a state-of-the-art apartment building in the heart of St. Louis. Leading a team on a project this size brings incredible responsibility, but Keeley’s leadership has equipped Rob with and his crew empowerment, especially through Quality & Safety.

“The Quality & Safety teams give us the resources we need to be a better builder in the industry. Empowerment is self-owned and everyone is given the opportunity to empower their team members and subcontractors, while being given the freedom to make decisions on your own.”

Rob grew up in the construction industry, so it was a natural career path for him. His uncle owned a construction company, so he did a lot of work for him on weekends growing up and during breaks in school. Developing this passion at a young age allowed him to build a career that he was proud of. When he looks back on the jobs he worked on with his uncle and the projects he has completed in his professional career, he can’t help but feel proud that he had a part in building someone else’s vision and bring it to life. If Rob could give one piece of advice to those just starting out in the industry, it would be:

“Communication is so important. Communication allows us to collaborate effectively with our teams, our partners, our customers, and our leadership. It exposes a lot of objective on certain projects and can bring valuable insights and differing perspectives on how to get the job done right. It plays a huge role on every project I’ve been a part of and the industry as a whole.”

Rob has loved his time with Keeley and given the growth he has experienced in three short years, he is understandably excited for what the future holds. He strongly values our culture and is looking forward to helping develop and enhance our culture in the field, especially with our subcontractors. He also wants to continue his career growth with Keeley.

“Keeley’s vision and outlook is incredibly promising. I’m so excited for what’s to come and to be a part of driving that vision.”

At Keeley, we place a strong emphasis on our mission and core values. Our core values – PRIDE – are embraced by every member of our family and Rob sees Respect lived out every single day. There is an immense amount of respect for everyone from Executive Leadership to our craftspeople. The collective collaboration and respect gained by learning from others doesn’t go unnoticed. The value placed on our mission, values, and culture truly makes us a family-oriented company and not just another broker of construction. Rob knows that he has found his career destination with Keeley and thinks that everyone should consider Keeley to be their home.

“The people and the culture are what truly set Keeley apart. You step into Keeley on day one and you are welcomed with open arms. There are countless resources to grow your career and you can utilize those resources however you choose. The sky is the limit.”

Rob, thank you for leading our team at Marlowe and for your dedication to growth and culture. Our field teams would not be the same without your leadership and guidance!


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