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Women in Construction Spotlight: Kendra Recar

Our teams across the nation are working every day to build communities and enhance the ways in which we live, work, and play. Our crews are out on jobsites exceeding expectations and driving our vision. Kendra Recar, Laborer in the Building Group, is dedicated to growing her career and growing her team, positively affecting our people and our customers. We truly would not be where we are today without our incredible women in construction.

After graduating from college with her Bachelor’s degree, Kendra quickly realized that she did not want to be stuck behind a desk all day, rather she wanted to be out there using her hands and actively working. This realization led her to Keeley Construction, and while she was a bit uncertain about joining a male-dominated industry, she would not change a thing. After stepping onto her first Keeley jobsite, she was able to see just how diverse and supportive everyone is.

“I look forward to coming into work and learning more about my career as I grow. I feel empowered from the moment I step onto the job. I have learned so much that I can utilize in my everyday life, even outside of work. At Keeley, I feel that my voice is actually heard and my ideas are truly taken into account.”

After deciding she wanted to make a career change, Kendra knew that the construction industry was an obvious choice as her entire family is in the industry. Her grandpa is a retired carpenter, her dad has been a carpenter for 35 years, and both of her brothers are carpenters. Being around tradesmen growing up and throughout her adult life has given her the ambition that she needed to fearlessly enter the industry. It also helps knowing that she has a large support group for any questions or issues she may face.

After deciding that construction was the right path for her, Kendra was nervous about diving head first into a male-dominated field. However, she truly feels that women are respected in the industry and the men that she has been able to work side-by-side with have helped her learn and grow her trade. Entering this industry with an open mind has also given Kendra the opportunity to experience and learn a lot of lessons. The most important lesson that she has learned is to not judge a book by its cover. Those that may seem intimidating can be some of the nicest and most helpful team members. Her experiences have shaped her into the laborer she is today and Kendra wants to help shape this industry for young women, so if she could give one piece of advice to those women entering the industry, it would be:

“Keep moving forward. Take initiative and pride in your work. Listen to your journeyman or other mentors, and always be respectful. When you learn your trade, help the new apprentices coming in. It’ll go a long way!”

Kendra is excited about what the future holds and is looking forward to spending many years with Keeley. She values being a leader and a mentor in all aspects of her life and with the drive and passion she has for her career, she wants to one day be able to run work on a job. There are not many women holding leadership roles within the industry and she wants to change that. As for her favorite thing about being a Keeley’n?

“There are many things I enjoy about being a Keeley’n. I think my favorite is the culture within the company. I feel as though I’m not just looked at as a number, but I am truly cared about. I think Rusty and all leadership wants the best for everyone within the company and that is a definite morale boost."

Kendra, thank you for your passion for construction and paving the way for future generations of women in the industry! You have shown what a valuable asset you are and we can’t wait to see what your future holds. The sky is the limit!


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