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Keeley Construction Power of One Spotlight: Stellar Manufacturing

Keeley Construction proudly provides innovative solutions across our four business groups: Civil, Paving, Building, and Industrial. Stellar Manufacturing called upon Keeley Construction for a Building expansion and each of our business groups stepped up to provide exceptional customer service and innovative solutions to complete this project.


Keeley Industrial served as the General Contractor on this 100,000 SF expansion project, driving schedule, controlling cost, and ensuring quality and safety were always at the forefront. As General Contractor, the team also worked in close coordination with the owner, operations, neighbors, traffic control, and Keeley’s preconstruction team to ensure a smooth, efficient project. The Industrial team self-performed all structural steel and equipment setting work. The Keeley Building Group worked closely with the Industrial Group on all General Contracting responsibilities and kept an open line of communication with all internal and external partners. The Building Group self-performed interior system installation, rough carpentry, and finished carpentry while providing overall field supervision. The Civil Infrastructure team worked through their subsurface scope with Keeley’s Geospatial team and self-performed dirt work, storm & sanitary improvements, waterline install, site draining improvements, concrete foundations & loading dock walls, equipment pads, site concrete, concrete casting beds, site grading, gravel access roads, and restoration. Lastly, the Paving Group came in to self-perform all heavy duty paving, light duty paving, and parking lot striping.

One of the largest challenges faced by the team on this project was subsurface conditions. The unpredictable conditions led to foundation design changes and recommendations. However, Keeley was able to prepare to the best of their ability to provide innovative solutions and keep the project on track. When it came time to begin paving, the soft subgrade and wet soil proved to be a hurdle. The Civil team stepped up and went above and beyond to ensure the base was stabilized in preparation for the asphalt. This constant, effective communication allowed the team to work through this challenge while staying on schedule, exceeding all expectations.


The Keeley Power of One provided true advantages throughout the entire duration of this project, with Keeley’s guidance saving costs and providing true expertise in driving various decisions for the project. From a Paving perspective, Keeley’s Geospatial team played a key role in designing additional areas of pavement that weren’t in the original scope, providing more adequate drainage and mitigating future issues.


Keeley was incredibly proud to provide the Power of One to our trusted manufacturing partner, building an even stronger relationship.


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