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Keeley Building Spotlight: Schnucks

New Construction | 28,000 SF | Sullivan, MO | October 2023


The Keeley Construction Building Group was called upon by Schnucks for the construction of a new facility in Sullivan, MO. The 28,000 SF grocery store was a ground-up project and Keeley served as the General Contractor and Design-Build Lead.


As General Contractor and Design-Build Lead, Keeley Construction self-performed all construction management duties, tapping into a wide network of subpartners to help perform other areas of construction. The team also collaborated with architect, BRR, to ensure the project brought Schnucks’ vision to life. Throughout the duration of the project, a few challenges arose that the team had to address and mitigate. First, there were some procurement delays for store fixtures and long lead times for structural steel, mechanical equipment, and electrical gear. The team stayed diligent on coordination efforts with the client and with suppliers to ensure delivery dates were accurate once received. The team also managed the schedule around the constraints formulated by the procurement delays by having strategic conversations with subpartners to align a strategy of work to be put into place around the delayed equipment. This focus on efficient communication proved to be incredibly effective as the project was still completed on time. Lastly, poor soil conditions on the site led to a challenging foundation design. Keeley’s preconstruction efforts through Design-Build allowed for the opportunity to strategize with their concrete partner to formulate innovated plans around the complicated design. In the end, the foundation was laid to the highest quality possible due to this strategic plan and constant communication between all parties.


Keeley’s previous experience with Schnucks proved to be an advantage on this project since the team’s company knowledge assisted in the overall execution of the Design-Built planning and execution. This project was completed on-time and on budget, giving the Sullivan community a brand new, state-of-the-art grocery experience. Keeley Building was grateful to complete another successful project for Schnucks, strengthening this trusted partnership.


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