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Keeley’n Spotlight: Ryan Bensinger

Keeley Construction serves as a true builder, enhancing and building up our communities across the nation. These endeavors could not happen without the disciplined preconstruction efforts that go into every single project, big or small. Ryan Bensinger, Director of Preconstruction for the Building Group, works hard to ensure that our projects and teams run smoothly and efficiently while exceeding goals and expectations for our clients.


Ryan joined the Keeley Team nine months ago and dove in head first, soaking up every opportunity to learn and grow in this new role. His position and the work that he does on a day-to-day basis has allowed him to feel incredibly empowered. Leadership and his team encourage autonomy but also provide unwavering support to help Ryan grow as a leader. As a team, they are always challenging themselves to do more and be the best version of themselves, and Ryan truly feels that he is supported with the resources he needs to accomplish that growth and their goals.


“Keeley really emphasizes Respect, and when we all respect each other’s point of view, everything is much more productive. As people, we often get mixed up on respecting and agreeing but just because we do not agree with someone else doesn’t mean we don’t respect them. The Building Group is great at respecting each other’s backgrounds, expertise, and opinions.”


Ryan spent most of his life growing up around construction with many weekends spent with his dad working on various jobs. Before long, he was working in the trades and journeyman he came up under gave him a piece of advice that still rings true today – “Look outside your trade, pay attention to the rest of the job and learn what they are doing. Understand what they are doing and why, and your job will become so much easier.” These words of wisdom allowed Ryan to grow in his career and make the transition from the field to the office. As he works through his first year as a Keeley’n and starts thinking towards the future, Ryan’s vision is becoming clearer. Ryan and his team have a strategic plan that is setting the table for the group to be fully focused on Design-Build by 2028. This is going to require some fortitude and perseverance, but they are building a team that is up to the challenge. This vision not only makes Keeley Building the contractor of choice to all owners, but an employer of choice to like-minded individuals. So, if he could give one piece of advice to someone just starting out, it would be:


“Embrace the culture and become part of something bigger. The moment you push your personal agenda aside and embrace a team culture, the sooner a team is firing on all cylinders. When there is an issue or challenging moment, view these as opportunities for growth. The first step to solving a problem is never blaming someone, it is getting engaged and collaborating/developing a plan that leads to a solution.”


When it comes to culture, Ryan knows it is seen as a buzzword these days, but at Keeley he has seen how everyone, from every level, truly lives the culture and understands what it means to be a Keeley’n. Ryan knows that he has found his career destination and cannot wait for what the future holds.


“My journey with Keeley has been short, but every day has been better than the last. I remember when I first started, I actually heard someone use the term “Keeley’n” and I laughed a little inside. Fast forward to today and being a Keeley’n is much more than just a fun phrase, it’s something much more. It’s hard to explain, but once you submerge yourself in the culture and really dive in to be part of the team, you begin to feel a part of something bigger than yourself. It makes you want to give everything you have to this place.”


Ryan, thank you for your passion for being a Keeley’n and for taking our Building Group to the next level. Your experience, ideas, and vision for the future are so valuable and we can’t wait to see what amazing things you accomplish.


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