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QUALITY | We are paving experts and offer a proactive, custom approach to the paving process. This includes scoping, phasing, design, and a comprehensive program for future planning. We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations and providing the most innovative solutions in the industry. 


SERVICE | We extend our world-class service to our customer’s customers as if they were our own. Our commitment to our clients and stakeholders has given us a 90% repeat customer rate. 

FAMILY | Our team comes together like a family and works to put your business’ needs first. Our partners are not just our customers - they are an extension of the Keeley Construction family.

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Quality and service never go out of style.

-Larry Keeley, Founder      



We have extensive experience in large capital paving projects nationwide:

Large Scale Projects | Mill and Overlays

Full Depth Reclamation | Extensive Patching 

Concrete Lot Replacement | Sub-grade stabilization



Keeley Construction Paving specializes in comprehensive, long-term maintenance programs. We offer expert consulting and a proactive strategy for the future of your assets. Our approach is customized for each customer's unique paving needs and includes:

Scoping | Surveying | Design | Future Planning 
Asphalt Patching | Concrete Repairs | Drain Repairs
Signage | Bollards | Crack Filling | Sealing | Striping

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Your Maintenance Planning Experts

Having a Paving Maintenance Plan will save you money in the long run.

Many people wait until their lot has completely failed, and a parking lot reconstruction is their only option. This is the most expensive option you have when it comes to your asset. With a proper Paving Maintenance Plan over a 25 year span you will save over 25%.

Total Cost With and Without a Maintenance Program

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A Proper Maintenance Plan Includes the Following:


As your lot ages, you will start to see surface cracks which allow water to seep into your subbase. If left untouched, these cracks will turn into increasingly larger cracks and then potholes. 


A seal coat program has the potential to double the life expectancy of your parking lot. The seal coat protects the pavement from sun, vehicle traffic, and automotive fluids and chemicals.


This can be a surface patch, or removal and replacement of the damaged or loose asphalt.


All parking lots have a life expectancy. At this point, you can do a mill and overlay or reconstruction. The mill and overlay is a much more cost-effective choice; as much as 50% less expensive.



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We are excited to have a physical office presence in Arizona to serve all your West Coast needs. We offer our full range of Capital and Maintenance Services. Reach out to Justin Naber today to start the conversation. 

Justin Naber | Director of Business Development - West