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Women in Construction Spotlight: Asha Clements

Our Keeley’ns in the field are the backbone of our business and drive success on every project. Our Paving Group is in the field every day ensuring our customers’ needs are met while keeping safety at the forefront. Asha Clements, Superintendent for Keeley Paving, strives for excellence as she continues to grow her career and her team.

Since joining the Keeley team, not a day has gone by where Asha hasn’t learned something new from her team members. Through monthly trainings, guidance from leadership, and working alongside Penny Curl, Asha has fully embraced all the resources and opportunities that Keeley has to offer. Being a woman in construction, Asha feels empowered to show her talents and her strengths every single day while performing the highest-quality work.

“I feel empowered by always having a positive attitude with myself and with my team members. I am always there and willing to help others and I know that is reciprocated. I strive to lead by example and be a great leader for those around me!”

Asha didn’t ever think that she would be working in construction, but ever since she responded to Keeley’s open Laborer position, she hasn’t looked back. There is never a moment where Asha isn’t striving to elevate herself and those around her and being a woman in a male-dominated industry does not intimidate her. In fact, she uses it as an opportunity to go out every day and prove herself – her strength, her grit, and her hard work. Asha strives to pave a path of opportunity for the women that come after her. So, if she could give a piece of advice to those women just starting out, it would be:

“Show everyone what you can do. Come in strong, be eager to learn, and hold your own. Don’t let anything or anyone intimidate you. If anything, let that intimidation be your motivation to work harder and grow.”

Keeley prioritizes growth and Asha has learned a lot of lessons as she advances her career. She understands just how important it is as a leader to lead by example and make sure the job gets done on-time, on budget, and to the highest quality standards. This mindset is in every Keeley’n, but Asha truly lives it. She also learned the important of failing forward. In a specific situation, Asha could’ve let a mistake get to her. Instead, she decided to see the positive in the situation, pushed through, and took what she learned from that mistake to not only do better in the future, but also to teach her team. This was an amazing moment for Asha and it allowed her to change her mindset and truly see what her future could hold at Keeley. She wants to continue developing her career and one day become a Project Manager, leading a team of like-minded, dedicated individuals. Asha is incredibly grateful that she found her way to Keeley and believes that she has found her career destination.

“My favorite thing about being a Keeley’n is that I’m working for a company that appreciates my hard work and acknowledges it. From the calls just to check on me to the calls asking if I need anything, everyone here just makes my heart smile. It makes me want to work harder. I truly appreciate this company just as much as they appreciate me.”

Asha, thank you for your passion for Keeley and your unwavering positive attitude. Your hard work does not go unnoticed and we can’t wait to see how you grow and improve our team!


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