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Keeley Civil Spotlight: Union Pacific Railroad Co.

San Antonio, TX | Self-Perform | 2022

Keeley Civil is thriving in Texas and our teams complete projects that continuously exceed expectations. Recently, our team completed an improvement project for the Union Pacific Railroad Co. in San Antonio, TX. We partnered with Russell Marine to deliver the railroad siding while keeping the area completely operational. Keeley Civil delivered a cast in place, concrete culvert while self-performing 100% of the scope. Through exceptional planning and empowering the crews to hold each other accountable, Keeley achieved ZERO on this project with no injuries, recordables, or other safety incidents.

Access to the site proved to be a challenge at times, but through innovative planning and being a considerate, friendly neighbor, Keeley overcame that challenge without affecting the project timeline. The project leadership team prioritized communication and kept all parties up to date on concrete pours, project activities, and alignment of schedules. Some project highlights included:

  • 968 CY of concrete placed with three major pours over 100 CY each on slabs or two-sided wall form pours

  • Over 1,000 LF of self-performed cast in place concrete culvert

  • Three major pours fit in between 22 trains per day

  • Major winter and spring rain events were mitigated with diversionary channels and sheet plastic measures

Keeley is proud of the work completed on this project and has built strong partnerships with both Russell Marine and Union Pacific Railroad Co.


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