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Keeley Construction: Your Turnkey General Contractor

Here at Keeley Construction, we are proud to be a true, customer-centric construction partner. We put our customers first, completing every task and every project with their best interest in mind and solving the problems that are most important to them. With this mindset, we can serve as a General Contractor in numerous markets, giving us control over the project and giving customers peace of mind.

Keeley has strong self-perform capabilities and this is something that sets us apart as a General Contractor. Our teams come to the market with a true “builder” mindset and a full understanding of every aspect that goes into constructability of a project. When customers are looking for a General Contractor, Keeley is going to provide transparent communication every step of the way. Customer service is at the heart of what we do and we strive to build a strong, long-term partnership.

“When a customer has a project or an idea, we can wrap our arms around the entire project and do it all. We have an in-house Design/Build team, so we are able to collaborate with a designer and provide the whole picture. Our customers can rest assured knowing that Keeley is their single source for turnkey solutions.”

-Jim Lee, Executive Vice President

When customers use Keeley as their General Contractor, they are guaranteed a team that provides a solutions-based approach to every aspect of the project. We look at the entire project lifecycle, from operating costs and environment to value adds, we understand how each aspect works in tandem to ensure a smooth process. This big picture approach allows us to ultimately lower the overall cost of the project upon completion while living out our customer-centric mission.

So, where does Keeley thrive as a General Contractor? Our bread and butter is in the Building and Industrial markets, serving various sectors across the nation. These include:

Multifamily | Office | Retail | Financial Facilities | Logistics & Distribution Centers


Healthcare | Veterinary | Food & Beverage | Manufacturing | Mining & Aggregates

Petrochemical | Oil & Gas | Agriculture

As we continue to grow, we look towards the future in these industries and beyond. Construction is constantly evolving and we strive to keep up with the trends, providing customers with the highest quality service. There are so many markets and geographic regions that are growing, and we can’t wait to tap into those markets that are beneficial not only for us, but for our customers.

“Keeley prides ourselves on growth and we can’t wait for what’s to come. Growth creates opportunity and opportunity creates excitement. Change can be scary, but we strive to align with the right growth markets and foster the right partnerships. The success of our customers will always remain at the forefront of our minds and drive every decision we make, no matter where the future takes us.”

Keeley Building

The Keeley Building team brings a wealth of expertise, experience, and innovative solutions to the table. Keeley is a proud Plan | Design | Build firm offering a complete turnkey experience. Services include strategic planning, architecture, and construction. Value-added services include feasibility studies, market research & analytics, site selection & analysis, branding strategies, technological upgrades, and design development. Keeley focuses on a customer-centric approach. Our high-energy team of professionals, along with a passion for growth, sets us apart and raises us to a new industry standard. We have a national repuatation for excellence that has been earned through achievements in schedules, technology, safety management, quality, and design innovation.

Keeley has a history of creating unique spaces that meet the specific needs of our customers. We have a long history of addressing those sensitive needs, along with the needs of our team members, bringing a world-class approach to each of our projects. Our Build Process is a little different than others in the industry. We involve the local subcontracting community from the start of the project. We also have our own in-house QA/QC group, keeping quality at the forefront. Safety is and always will be our number one priority and we work hard to make sure that every team member, subcontractor, and customer gets home safely at the end of every day. Lastly, timeliness is a huge factor and customers can count on Keeley to complete projects on-time and on-budget to ensure they are able to conduct business immediately upon move-in.

“Keeley’s main differentiator is that we still value the same things that Larry Keeley founded the business on over 40 years ago. We strive for excellence whenever it comes to safety, quality, and customer service. If we don’t have a happy customer at the end of the day, they’re not going to recommend us to their business partners. So, that’s what we strive to do so that we can maintain or even increase that level of customer satisfaction and 90% retention that we enjoy today.”

-Brian Peter, Vice President of Building

Keeley Industrial

Keeley Industrial has established itself as a leader in our field for our expertise in completing projects nationwide with the highest quality and safety standards. Keeley Industrial has a long tradition of working with owners and their engineers to deliver value – from planning through execution, commissioning, and start-up – using lessons learned, practical tools, well-honed planning, constructability, and execution processes. We have two distinct Industrial teams service a broad range of industries and markets: Manufacturing and Heavy Industries.

Keeley Manufacturing approaches every project with a customer-centric mindset, completing multi-million dollar designs, installation, and maintenance of state-of-the-art mega shredders and material separators for scrap contractors, along with specialization in installing conveyor and packaging systems. Keeley Manufacturing offers full-range services across the food & beverage, retail, aerospace, and power utility industries. We are proud to be a customer-centric partner providing innovative solutions for our partners with a strong focus on quality and safety. We work seamlessly with our other business groups to provide The Power of One.

Keeley Heavy Industries is a nationwide Industrial General Contractor committed to completing the tough jobs that other shy away from. With general and discipline-specific capabilities, we are able to adapt to any environment with nimbleness and finesse. Our capabilities include proven, process-driven heavy industrial capital project installations, heave equipment construction & rigging, mechanical and/or E&I installations, and modular installations. We pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations on every project. We are able to achieve this by being a trusted partner, providing world-class self-perform services: site prep, deep foundations, concrete, steel, piping, building design & erection, electrical, instrumentation, and paving.

Learn more about Keeley Construction and our General Contractor services here.


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