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Keeley Paving Spotlight: Maryville University

Keeley Construction has built a strong partnership with Maryville University and the Paving Group is proud to have completed several projects for them in the summer 2021.

Maryville University called on Keeley Paving with the need to maintain and repair various sections of their parking lots and roads on campus. At the end of the project, nine separate parking lots were completely restored. Throughout the summer months, the team milled and paved approximately 1,400 tons of asphalt paving, completed full-depth asphalt patching, removed and replaced 500 feet of concrete curbing & 300 feet of asphalt curbing, sealcoated, and restriped the entire campus.

Maryville University is shaping the next generation and Keeley Construction is grateful to be a part of their story.


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