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Keeley Civil Spotlight: 7V Solar Ranch

Muldoon, TX | Completed | January 2024


Keeley Construction is dedicated to sustainability and leaving the environments in which we live and work better than we found them. Our Texas Civil team was called upon to install 7V solar panel modules for a partner in Muldoon, Texas, bringing enhanced solar power to the region.


The entire project lasted six months, and throughout those six months, 351,288 solar modules were unloaded and installed across three properties on 4,000 acres. In one day, the Keeley team installed over 9,600 modules. With 130 craft professionals on site, Keeley was able to control schedule, budget, quality, and safety. Keeley completed the project on-budget and ahead of schedule with ZERO safety incidents. This project allowed our team to learn more about the solar industry and what is needed to ensure proper, safe installation of solar equipment and technology.


“We are blown away by Keeley’s ability to complete this project so quickly. We are looking forward to working with the Keeley team in the future.”

-Solar Partner


Watch the video below to learn more about the project!


Click here to learn more about Keeley Civil.


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