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Keeley'n Spotlight: Matt Pfaff

At Keeley, our world-class Civil Group is broken up into two subgroups, Energy and Infrastructure. These two groups serve a wide range of industries and provide world-class services others shy away from. Matt Pfaff, Senior Project Manager for Heavy Civil Infrastructure, leads his team with passion and strives to exceed expectations on every single project.

Matt joined the Keeley family in March of 2021 as a Project Manager. Through hard work, continuous education, and a positive attitude, Matt was quickly promoted to Senior Project Manager. Along with rapid career growth, Matt has formed strong, long-lasting relationships with his team members and his clients, earning their trust and doing everything he can to help them succeed. Heavy Civil Infrastructure has created an empowering environment for Matt to thrive.

“I feel empowered every day at Keeley. There is an evident trust put in individuals which drives ownership of tasks and responsibilities. In a senior management position, I am also able to oversee others and guide them in their career growth.”

When Matt was growing up, he naturally gravitated towards engineering and construction. He originally thought he wanted to be a structural engineer. However, through school and internships, he was exposed to the construction management field which has led him down his current career path. He is glad he chose the construction management route as he loves being able to see his projects through from start to finish. The work is constantly changing, the projects are unique, and Matt is grateful to be part of improving the world we live in. Construction and Heavy Civil Infrastructure has been a perfect fit for Matt, so if he could give one piece of advice to someone just starting out in the industry, it would be:

“Be willing to work hard and invest time in your individual growth. The construction industry is ever evolving with technology, means, methods, etc. so always have an open mind. Clear and concise communication is imperative to success.”

Construction is all about growth and relationships, and Matt has learned a lot over his career. The most important lesson he has learned is to ask questions and rely on others for guidance. No one knows everything, but tapping into your team members’ areas of expertise will prove to be a valuable resource through challenges and successes. Matt has grown close with a lot of his team members and they all want to see each other achieve their goals and grow in their careers. This support has allowed Matt to form a clear vision for his future at Keeley – continue growing as a leader while expanding his technical knowledge, gaining more project experience, and building up those around him.

“My favorite thing about being a Keeley’n is the camaraderie within the company. The goals are clearly communicated by upper management and everyone is aiming for a common set of goals. I have developed some great relationships and my growth would not be possible without that.”

Keeley lives by our core values – PRIDE – and Matt strives to bring these values to his team and out on his projects. His favorite core value is People because in construction, teamwork and communication are paramount. Matt has seen firsthand how Keeley strives to get the right people in the right positions to help strengthen every aspect of the company.

After experiencing incredible growth and building a team of exceptional Keeley’ns, Matt knows that he has found his career destination. He is grateful for all the opportunities and resources Keeley has given him and wants others in the industry to experience this, as well.

“Keeley is a great place to work and provides great opportunities for growth both personally and professionally. Keeley’s work environment provides ample opportunity for success and the ability to have a healthy work-life balance.”

Matt, thank you for your commitment to our Heavy Civil Infrastructure team. Your vision is incredible and we can’t wait to see how you grow your team and expand your expertise!


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