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Keeley’n Spotlight: Kevin Grzesiowski

Our Building Group is growing rapidly, enhancing our communities across the nation. Our Keeley’ns live out the Keeley mission every day, positively impacting the ways in which we live, work, and play. Kevin Grzesiowski, Assistant Project Manager, has worked on a variety of projects, solidifying the Building Group as a go-to contractor in St. Louis and beyond.

Kevin joined the Keeley family as a Project Engineer in November of 2018 after moving back to St. Louis from Milwaukee. He quickly grew his career to become an Assistant Project Manager in early 2020. Since joining the team, Kevin has worked on projects in a wide range of industries – building additions for Purina and Hunter Engineering, new construction on an academic building for Ranken Technical College, renovations for financial facilities, various projects for a large big box retailer, capital improvement projects for Maryville University, renovations and additions for several Aldi locations, and the build out of a new fueling station at an airport. Being able to grow his career and improve his skills on such a wide range of projects has allowed Kevin to feel very empowered in his work.

“We have always been told at Keeley that everyone who works here has the power to speak up when the see something that is not right on the jobsite, whether that pertains to quality or safety. We are empowered to speak up and make the necessary improvements. Communication from upper management all the way down the chain of command has always been paramount at Keeley as well. We are encouraged to provide insight on ways we feel like we can improve as a team and as a company. One way that this is always possible is through our monthly strategic planning meetings. We are given a voice during those meetings to discuss process improvements or other ways we can grow as a Building Group.”

Kevin always had an aspiration to help build the community around us, originally seeing himself as an architect. When he realized that architecture was not the right path for him, he turned his attention towards General Contracting and began his career in the construction industry. One of Kevin’s favorite things about the industry is helping those who have a vision for a project and making it a reality. As Kevin says, “There is nothing more rewarding than completing a project and witnessing the appreciation from a customer as they view the finished product.” He also loves that every day brings new challenges that make the job exciting and unique. The construction industry is truly a people industry and throughout his career, Kevin has formed countless relationships, making every day fun and enjoyable. Kevin is so glad he made the switch from architecture to construction, so if he could give a piece of advice to those just starting out in the industry, it would be:

“Communication is key in this industry. Having clear and frequent communication with your project owner, superintendent, subcontractors, and your team will help you succeed every step of the way.”

As Kevin continues to look towards the future of his career and of the Building Group, he is excited to continue to grow as a Project Manager, expanding his project portfolio to include larger, more complex projects. He has a great team surrounding him and he knows that construction is built on teamwork. The most important lesson he has learned along the way is that no one is an expert on everything in the industry. Leaning on team members who may be an expert in a certain area has helped Kevin take each day as a learning experience and apply those lessons on every job.

The Building Group is guided by our core values – PRIDE – and Kevin’s favorite value that he sees lived out every day is People. Keeley invests so much in our team members, whether that be through professional development opportunities or heath and wellness resources, Keeley truly cares about the personal and professional growth of our Keeley’ns. Kevin has never felt like a number, but a valued member of a growing family which is very rare to find. He knows that he has found his career destination and encourages others to consider Keeley when they are looking for a home.

“I cannot speak enough about our world-class culture. Keeley is a place that allows anyone to grow in their careers and as a person. Keeley offers a surplus of opportunities to grow in our craft through online and in-person trainings and grow as a leader in our profession and in the community. In my many years of experience, I have not found a place that invests as much as they do in their people. Another reason Keeley is a true career destination is the year over year growth that Keeley has been able to achieve as a company. In my 4+ years here, I have seen Keeley grow to levels that I could not have imagined in this short time frame. What is even more exciting is our growth is just scratching the surface.”

Kevin, thank you for your passion for our communities and for the Building Group. Your experience is paramount to our success and we can’t wait to see what other projects you bring to life!


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