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Keeley Building Spotlight: APA Adoption Center

St. Louis, MO | Renovations | May 2021

The Keeley Construction Building Group was called upon by the APA Adoption Center in St. Louis, MO for much needed renovations to their kennel areas that house the animals that are up for adoption. This project was completed on time, on budget, and exceeded the client’s expectations.

Pet adoption never takes a day off, so the Keeley Building team had to phase this project to keep the facility open and operational while still keeping the animals safe. Three kennel areas had to be renovated, so once the animals were moved out, the team was able to demo all existing kennels and floors followed by installation of a new trench drain for easy cleaning and resinous flooring. Once the flooring was cured, the team installed brand-new AV, lighting, and sound baffles for noise control. Lastly, the APA supplied MidMark aluminum and glass kennel enclosures that the Keeley team installed, ensuring state-of-the-art conditions for the animals. After a thorough final clean by the team, the APA was able to move the dogs and puppies back into their new kennels. This process was repeated for the two other dog kennel areas. The next phase included renovations for their kitten and cat rooms. The Keeley team revamped their meet and greet rooms, added more closets for storage, making it more comfortable for the animals and the families that visit the APA each day in hopes of bringing home a new member of their family.

Keeley Building tapped into the Power of One and enlisted the help of Keeley Industrial to install required steel framing to reinforce the existing roof deck, allowing for three new DOAS rooftop units to be installed. The DOAS units handle ventilation in the newly renovated spaces. The Power of One allowed the Keeley team to self-perform all placement of concrete and kennels, allowing for quick solutions to problems as they arose. The whole project was also designed in-house, giving the team more control for adjustments as needed.

Keeley Building is proud to work with the APA and their amazing mission. The APA is even being added to the #KeeleyCares Wall of Compassion due to the relationships built during this project.

“This was a very fun and exciting project to work on. It’s a great feeling to know that we had a hand in helping these pets find their forever home. Four of our team members even adopted dogs and cats after experiencing the amazing work that the APA does every single day.’

-Evan Kamp, Superintendent

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