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Keeley'n Spotlight: Josh Givens

Our Building Group is growing rapidly, enhancing our communities across the nation. Our Keeley’ns live out the Keeley mission every day, positively impacting the ways in which we live, work, and play. Josh Givens, Superintendent, has grown his career with Keeley, becoming a leader that is forging positive change within the company.

Josh joined the Keeley family as a Carpenter in October of 2019. From his first day on the job, he saw the many opportunities for growth He utilized those opportunities by taking on new responsibilities and exemplifying integrity every chance he could. This attitude and work ethic earned him a promotion to Carpenter Foreman and then to his current role as Superintendent. Being able to work his way up in his career has given Josh a sense of empowerment that he has not had anywhere else.

“From day one I have felt empowered by being able to tap into KeeleySafe in all aspects of my work. I strive to spread our safety culture because it is our duty and our right as Keeley’ns to stop work to rectify an unsafe act, making sure that the site is safe for everyone. We also have time set aside to speak on an issue or problem. Everyone works together to find a solution and grow as a group.”

When forging a career path, Josh loved the idea of being able to support himself and his loved ones while doing something he loves. He found his place in the construction industry and hasn’t looked back. Every day brings a sense of accomplishment, and he can look at a project knowing that he had a hand in bringing it to life. However, his favorite part about the industry is the people. Three years have gone by since he joined Keeley and he has built incredible relationships that he knows will last a lifetime. He has been able to meet people from so many walks of life and is grateful to work with such amazing team members, partners, and customers. So, if he could give a piece of advice to someone considering or just joining the construction industry, it would be:

“Learn from everyone that you come into contact with. Whether that be Vice Presidents, Managers, team members, or subcontractors, listen to their knowledge and soak it all in.”

When Josh thinks about the future, he sees himself growing with Keeley and growing his portfolio of work, all while keeping his record of 100% customer satisfaction. He continuously looks forward to challenging himself and his team to be the best that they can be. Since joining the construction industry, Josh has learned many lessons that have helped him get to where he is. The most important lesson he has learned is always doing the job right the first time. It costs too much money, time, and pride to try hiding mistakes. He strives to live with integrity and do the right thing and fail forward when he makes a mistake.

“I love our core values of PRIDE and resonate the most with Integrity. What you do when nobody is looking and living with integrity takes huge responsibility. As a Superintendent, I always aim to do what is right to benefit the customer while spreading this attitude to my team.”

Josh knows that he has found his career destination at Keeley and is excited for what the future holds. He looks forward to the next generation of Keeley’ns and knows that anyone would be proud to call Keeley their home.

“There is opportunity for a true career at Keeley. There is so much growth happening, and you can pave your own career path. I look around and see how many people have been here for years and continue to stay. It’s inspiring to see the amount of tenure that drives the culture and values from the top down.”

Josh, thank you for your dedication to Keeley and the Building Group! Your growth thus far has been incredible, and we know your future is incredibly bright.


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