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Keeley'n Spotlight: Justin Parks

Our Keeley’ns in the field are the backbone of what we do and we would not be able to grow and reach our goals without them. Their hard work and dedication to safety and quality day in and day out does not go unnoticed. Justin Parks, Carpenter Foreman for our Civil Group, strives to complete every job with integrity while exceeding expectations every step of the way.

Justin Parks originally joined the Keeley family in 2020 as part of the Building group. He stayed with Building for a few months, enjoying new responsibilities and experiences, but knew he wanted to move to a new group to follow his passions. He has friends within all Keeley business groups and he found that Civil was a perfect fit and has been part of the Civil team ever since. Having the opportunity to switch groups while still growing his career has allowed Justin to feel very empowered in his work.

“Ever since I started at Keeley, my leaders and team have given me the tools that I need to learn new things and take on more responsibilities."

Justin had two uncles that owned their own construction company in Sullivan, MO, so as soon as he was able, he started working with them to gain experience. Carpentry is all he has ever known, starting in residential in 2000 and switching to commercial in 2016, which led him to Keeley. His favorite part about working in construction is being able to look back on his day and see what he accomplished and built. He also loves the sense of camaraderie amongst his team. He has made some amazing friendships in this field and being able to have fun with his team while staying safe and productive makes the day fly by. Justin is incredibly grateful to be working in this industry, so if he could give a piece of advice to those just starting out, it would be:

“Ask questions and always look for a company that takes care of you and doesn’t treat you like a number. Keeley truly cares about their people in all aspects, from safety to career growth.”

Throughout his construction career, Justin quickly learned that the most important thing is safety. A lot of companies preach it, but since joining Keeley, he has seen just how much of a priority safety is for everyone. Keeley has given him the tools and resources he needs to stay safe while also being empowered to keep his team and his jobsite safe for every single Keeley’n, partner, or customer. As Justin continues to grow, he is excited for what the future holds. He is excited to continue learning and gaining experience, hopefully one day leading to a promotion to General Foreman of Superintendent. He strives to lead his team with PRIDE and is excited for all that is to come.

Over his 2+ years at Keeley, Justin quickly realized how incredible the culture is and completely embraced it. He feels that he is valued for who he is and what he brings to the table. This is not felt at a lot of other companies, and he is proud to work for a company that values people, safety, and quality as much as Keeley does. He believes that he has found his career destination and wants others to know that they can also find their place at Keeley, no matter what their vision for the future may be.

“There is a lot of room to grow at Keeley. We are always busy and tackling the next big project, growing our groups and the company as a whole. It’s a fun ride and I’m glad to be part of it.”

Justin, thank you for bringing your talents to Keeley and always staying dedicated to KeeleySafe. We are so excited to see where you grow in the future!


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