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Keeley'n Spotlight: Brittany Moore

Good people know good people, and our HR & Recruiting team works tirelessly to find the best, most dedicated Keeley’ns to join our family. We have experienced exponential growth over the past year, opening new offices and bringing on new team members across the nation. Brittany Moore, Talent Acquisition Manager for Keeley Construction, has a true passion for people and her leadership has helped our vision for growth become a reality.

Brittany joined the Keeley team in November of 2020 after working in a non-collaborative or innovative work environment. Since joining the Keeley HR team, she has felt nothing but support, both personally and professionally. Keeley Companies prides itself on empowering team members to take their career paths into their own hands and act like an entrepreneur for their future. This type of mindset has helped Brittany feel empowered when she goes to her team or the Executive team with improvements on the areas she supports. She continuously feels heard and understood, and values that she has a true voice on her team and in the company as a whole.

Brittany has been in the construction industry for seven years, but found it by complete accident. It has been some of the toughest jobs she has ever had, but it has taught her so much and she is amazed every single day by the most genuine, down to earth people she gets to work with. Since joining the industry, she quickly learned that to succeed she had to be a sponge and let someone else tell her no, and she has taken both of these lessons to heart.

“Whether you are first starting in your career or an expert in your field, soak in your environment and the people around you. What’s being said, how things work – you learn most when you are listening and observing. Don’t be afraid to ask to do something, implement something new, ask for a raise, a promotion, or even a new position. Whatever it is, come prepared with the ‘why’ but don’t let your internal voice stop you from getting what you want because at the end of the day, the worst thing that can happen is you get told no instead of taking that chance.”

If you know Keeley, you know we are all about visions. Brittany has taken the past year to perfect her vision and achieve her goals to get there. In particular, she wants to grow the Talent Acquisition team and become the Talent Acquisition Director. She envisions Keeley becoming a household name and when she calls on a potential team member, she wants them to take her call even if they aren’t looking because they will know that Keeley offers the best benefits, the best culture, and the best career path. People will know that their life will be better with Keeley as their career destination!

“Our people here at Keeley are amazing. In my time here, I have had some tragedies and really tough moments, but I have never felt so much support through all of our Keeley’ns. I also know that my career path is what I make it out to be. I feel so lucky to work for a company with people that truly want to invest in my future and see me succeed.”

Keeley is driven by our core values – PRIDE – every single day and our Keeley’ns live them out in every aspect of their lives. Brittany’s favorite core value is People. As Rusty Keeley always says, “if you get the people right, the results will follow,” and this rings true to her every single day. She knows that while we can win the biggest, coolest projects in the country, if we don’t have the right people and don’t treat them in the right way, then we have nothing.

Brittany works hard to make sure potential Keeley’ns and current Keeley’ns find their career destination within our walls. It makes her job so much easier knowing that she has found her career destination.

“I think the main differentiator for Keeley is our culture. Lots of other companies offer similar or enticing benefits, big salaries, etc., but what you can’t get anywhere else is our culture and how we treat our people – giving them the tools and resources they need to be successful within their roles and at home with their families.”

Brittany, thank you for your dedication to our people and passion for growth! You have achieved so much over the past year and your future at Keeley is incredibly bright. You truly embody what it means to be a Keeley’n!


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