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Quality + Service: Our Founding Principles

Larry Keeley’s founding principles guide everything we do.

“Quality and Service never go out of style.”

Matt Muller, Vice President of Quality, strives to live out this mission as he builds Keeley’s robust Quality Program, always keeping our people at the forefront of his mind. He recently sat down with Larry Keeley to discuss Larry’s journey over the past four decades since starting the business and how Quality is just as important now as it was back then. Watch the video below to learn more!

When Larry started the business as a young man in the 1970s, he knew his team needed to prove their ability in order to grow and make a name for themselves in the industry. They had to show their customers that they were knowledgeable, had a keen attention to detail, and dedicated to safety. However, to Larry, the most important things were an unmatched focus on quality and exceeding customer expectations.

“Quality and Service are a must. Quality stands for excellence and I told my people we have to do it right the first time because we don’t have time to come back and do it over. Also, the customer is paying for our services and for quality work. If you’re going to get repeat business, you have to give quality work and the service they expect.”

-Larry Keeley

We strive to provide our Keeley’ns with the tools and resources they need to understand quality and continually enhance our quality practices. Part of our mission statement, “The safety, well-being, and career growth of our team members are the benchmarks of our success,” drives us to grow our program and get buy-in from team members across every level of the organization. No matter the position, every single team member is empowered to bring their voice, opinions, and experience to help influence our program and make us better.

“Our Quality Program it’s just a series of checklists and a series of ‘musts and ‘must nots,’ it’s a training and it’s a coaching.”

-Matt Muller

Culture is one of the most important things at Keeley and when we all have a common mindset around Quality, it is engrained into our culture and showcased to our customers as we live it out on our projects. When our craftspeople finish a project with the highest levels of quality, they can take pride in knowing that they helped construct that building or pave that parking lot.

“I feel like we have the best quality people and program than anybody else in the area. I’m thrilled with the direction we are going…you’re getting better every day which helps the whole company get better.”

-Larry Keeley


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