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Keeley Civil: Deer Creek Flood Mitigation

In 2019, the Keeley Construction Heavy Civil Infrastructure Team was selected by the City of Brentwood to help mitigate future flooding that has affected the area for decades by creating a floodplain. This two-phase project will reshape the City of Brentwood, allowing future generations to grow and enhance the community.

Phase One consisted of demolition, mass excavation, construction of a new retention facility, storm sewer installation, streambank stabilization, access improvements, and landscaping. Throughout the year, the Keeley Heavy Civil Infrastructure Team was able to install approximately 1,930 feet of 8”-36” diameter sanitary sewers and appurtenances, one diversion structure, two junction chambers, ten manholes, and one cleanout. They were also able to complete a creek stabilization, sewer fill, and abandonment.

"Keeley's knowledge, skillset, proactiveness, professionalism, customer-oriented focus, and dedication are outstanding. On every project, Keeley has staffed exceptional project managers, superintendents, and skilled craftspeople to deliver high-quality, timely, and successful projects on behalf of the client. I'm confident in their ability to manage and execute the technical and logistical complexities of any civil project undertaken."

-Craig Schluter, Co-Founder | NAVIGATE Building Solutions

When it came time to begin work on the sewer, the team had to come up with an innovative solution to bypass the 100-year-old, 7’ sewer whose structural integrity was unknown to MSD. The Keeley Heavy Civil Infrastructure Team went to work investigating the sewer system to determine how they could block the sewer, temporarily divert the sewer flows so the floodplain could be constructed and install 3,000’ of new 72” sewer pipe. The team had to do all of this while tying the new sanitary sewer into the existing sanitary without interrupting sewer flows. The team seamlessly overcame this challenge to keep Phase One on track. To overcome this challenge, the team implemented several solutions including the use of a pumping system engineered to handle 70,000 gallons per minute sewer flows and custom-fit sewer plugs designed specifically for the 100-year-old horseshoe shaped sewer.

Safety is always the number one priority, and this project has been no different. The Keeley Heavy Civil Infrastructure Team designed safety fail-safe systems to protect team members should a plug failure occur, planned all bypass pumping during a time when flooding potential was minimal, and thoroughly planned out every stage of work to remove or reduce the risks associated with those tasks to not only protect team members, but to protect the public.

As a result of their high-quality work and dedication to safety, the Keeley Team will begin work on Phase Two. They have continually exceeded client expectations on this project while keeping it on time and on budget. Click here to learn more about Keeley Heavy Civil Infrastructure.


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