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KeeleySafe: 2024 EMR Rating

At Keeley, our number one priority is getting our Keeley’ns home safely every single day. Our commitment to safety has allowed us to achieve an incredible .55 EMR (Experienced Modification Rate) for 2024! We could not be more proud of our Keeley’ns for their commitment to our safety culture. This accomplishment would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of all our team members across the nation.


KeeleySafe was built on the universal belief that ZERO unsafe acts are not only possible, but sustainable. We equip our Keeley’ns with the resources, knowledge, and confidence they need to not only live out our safety culture, but to feel empowered to call out unsafe acts and stop work to resolve a safety issue. Our dedicated team of safety professionals lives out their Purpose of “Keeping People Safe” through their CORE pillars: Collaboration, Ownership, Relationships, and Education.


·Collaboration: Collaboration between craftspeople, project members, site supervision, safety team members, and leadership is essential to identifying and mitigating potential hazards. By doing this, team members can be assured that the top priority is, and always will be, keeping people safe.

·Ownership: Safety requires a shared sense of ownership and responsibility among all stakeholders to prioritize safety at every stage of a project. Every team member should be empowered to take ownership in order to ensure safety is top of mind and everyone goes home safe.

·Relationships: Relationships are a key component to any type of success – and safety is no exception. Developing and fostering relationships is crucial for promoting a culture of safety and ensuring everyone has the tools and resources they need to stay safe.

·Education: With ongoing projects across a variety of groups and services nationwide, providing comprehensive safety education and training to all team member is essential to ensuring people have the knowledge needed to keep themselves and each other safe.


Safety Philosophy

Keeley Construction has an excellent historical safety record and we strive for continuous improvement every day. On all of our projects, our project leaders host daily safety meetings for all team members on the jobsite. The focus of these meetings is to review topics pertinent to work in the field but, more importantly, keep safety at the forefront of our team members’ minds. Our Safety Team conducts regular in-person and virtual jobsite assessments to ensure the best safety practices are implemented, followed, and that team members feel supported through the process


Safety Programs

Our Safety Professionals have implemented countless safety programs to give our team members the resources they need. Some of these programs include:


·KeeleySafe Program & Resource Manual

·Safety One Stop (SOS) Website & Mobile App

·ISNetworld Programs Vetted & Approved

·Associated General Contractors Association, Safety Committee Contributors

·St. Louis Council Construction Consumers, Safety Committee Contributors

·Keeley Behavior-Based Ownership Program

·KeeleySafe Certifications


Safety Education

Our Keeley’ns need to be knowledgeable about the potential hazards of their job and how to safely use tools and equipment. Management should ensure that safety protocols and procedures are communicated effectively and understood by all workers, making education an essential component of construction safety. We are extremely proud of our safety education program, powered by KeeleyU, that ensures proper education to help prevent accidents by promoting a culture of safety where are people our encouraged to identify and report potential hazards. Education methods include in-person training such as OSHA-10, OSHA-30, First Aid/CPR classes, monthly company-wide safety meetings, virtual learning opportunities, weekly Toolbox Talks, and more.


Safety Assessments

Our Keeley’ns have access to our robust Safety One Stop app. From there, team members can submit good catches and safety assessments. With many features designed to make safety reporting as easy as possible, the SOS app streamlines the process and provides consistency for team members while enhancing our Safety culture.


Celebrating Safety

KeeleySafe is Built on ZERO and our Keeley’ns proudly live out our Safety Program through Good Catches. Weekly, Keeley’ns that identify a potential hazard or unsafe condition and report it before an accident occurs are recognized for making a difference not only for their own safety, but for the safety of others. Good Catches allow for corrective action to be taken and prevent potential harm to our Keeley’ns and partners.


Safety drives every decision we make and we strive to take safety beyond the jobsite and bring tips, best practices, and empowerment home to our families. Click here to check out KeeleySafe on YouTube to watch our Safety Shoutouts and learn more about why our Keeley’ns choose to be safe.


We are incredibly proud of every single Keeley’n. This accomplishment and this Safety Culture would not be possible without our people. Learn more about our safety culture here!


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