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Keeley'n Spotlight: Jason Kuhl

The Industrial Group at Keeley Construction tackles some of the most complex jobs in the most challenging conditions and environments. The past year has brought rapid growth for the Industrial Group with the opening of a new office in Ohio and expanding to help grow our presence in Arizona and the Western United States. This growth would not be possible without our amazing Keeley’ns and Jason Kuhl, Senior Project Manager, has been instrumental to the success of this team.

Jason joined the Keeley family back in 2013 as a Project Engineer just as the Industrial Group was beginning to take shape. He was one of only three team members in the office, but then-Vice President of Industrial, Ted Mettler, had an exciting vision that Jason knew he wanted to be a part of. Jason’s experience of growing a team, growing his career, and helping the company succeed has helped him feel incredibly empowered in his work. Ted consistently had everyone’s back, allowing them to do their work and giving them the resources and support they needed to advance in their careers. This trust in his abilities motivates Jason to give 110% and go the extra mile for his team every single day. Today, the Industrial Group has grown across the country and Jason leads his people as a Senior Project Manager.

Jason found his passion for the construction industry back in elementary school. His dad bought an old farmhouse and together the two of them remodeled the entire house. Throughout the process, his dad taught him a lot and the project sparked his interest in construction. It was amazing for him to look at something and know that he had a hand in building that – a feeling he still gets on every project he works on at Keeley. As he has worked his way up in the construction industry, Jason has been able to work with a diverse group of people, always learning something new. His favorite part of his job is that he gets to work closely with everyone from laborers in the field to Vice Presidents and support groups in the office. This has given him a firsthand look at just how important every single person is to completing a project. He has loved his years in the industry, so if he could give one piece of advice to those starting out in construction, it would be:

“Never stop learning. At Keeley, we prioritize growth and professional development through KeeleyU. Always keep moving forward and focus on developing yourself and learning every step of the way.”

One of the things that excited Jason in joining the Industrial Group was Ted’s vision for the future. Even though Ted has since retired, John Herrin, current Vice President of Industrial, values vision and keeps Jason looking forward to coming into work every day. Jason’s vision for the Industrial Group is to continue to grow their self-perform services so they can provide customers with peace of mind that they can get solutions to all their needs with Keeley. Personally, Jason is excited to continue growing. He loves being able to help team members and new hires develop their careers and foster a strong culture of learning and support within his team.

With nine years under his belt at Keeley, Jason has seen a lot of change. However, one constant is that his favorite thing about being a Keeley’n is the people. It truly feels like everyone is a family supporting each other while getting their work done to drive the company’s mission and values. Keeley’s values – PRIDE – are engrained in our culture and the values that resonates with Jason the most is People. So, if you are looking for a place where you will be surrounded by people who truly want everyone to succeed, Jason knows that Keeley could be your career destination.

“The career growth and opportunities inside this organization are endless. The vision of this company encourages everyone to work hard daily to achieve that vision. It is clear, achievable, and keeps everyone excited about the future.”

Jason, thank you for your dedication to the Industrial Group! You are an integral part of this team, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.


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