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Keeley Building Spotlight: Tigers Credit Union

New Construction | Columbia, MO | 4,680 SF | December 2022

West Community Credit Union’s subsidiary, Tigers Credit Union, saw an opportunity to expand into the growing market of southwest Columbia, MO. West Community tapped into the strong, long-lasting relationship with Keeley Construction and called upon the Building team for the Design and Construction of this new branch.

After enlisting the assistance of a local developer, West Community identified a small site with the advantage of high visibility in the community. After meeting with the Keeley Design Team, a decision was reached to develop this Tigers branch as a flagship location using the design concepts developed for various West Community branches in the St. Louis market. The final design and execution included utilization of the Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) concept for all transaction delivery in this growing, younger demographic market. This branch includes two lobby ITMs and a drive-up ITM that converts into a traditional ATM service after hours. All ITMs are served from the Credit Union’s main headquarters in O’Fallon, MO.

As the flagship location for the area, the facility includes a large conference room and a back-of-house suite of offices to house the organization’s operational needs in Columbia. All member services, other than transactional, occur in private offices for member convenience and comfort. However, a dedicated greeter welcomes everyone into the facility and can assist with casual activities.

Keeley Building enlisted the services of the Keeley Industrial Group for all steel erection, providing the Power of One throughout the project.

Click here to learn more about Keeley Building and Financial Facilities.


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