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Civil Energy Spotlight: Five Years of ZERO

Safety is our number one priority every single day, on every single jobsite, with every single Keeley’n. Our Civil Energy Group works in some of the most dangerous environments and by prioritizing safety and focusing on our most important asset, our people, this group has achieved an incredible milestone: Five Years of ZERO recordables!

While we have a dedicated team of safety professionals, the Civil Energy Group works hard to empower team members to take safety into their own hands and spread the culture and belief that safety is everyone’s responsibility. 100% buy-in shows that our safety culture is working and resonates with our people. By setting the expectation, the Civil Energy Group knows that they can continue to achieve this milestone for years to come.

“We understand that five years of ZERO leads to an expectation of six and we hope that this encourages and inspires other groups to know that this truly is attainable. No one is making the excuse that they can’t do it. It’s not any one of us, it’s all of us, and we take it one hour and one day at a time. In our industry, one mistake out of the thousands of decisions made on a daily basis can change someone’s life and take away this record in the blink of an eye.”

-Mark Wojtal, VP of Energy

Construction is a dangerous industry, but the Civil Energy Group works in some of the most geographically and technically challenging environments. Every day, our craftspeople are facing unknowns on the utilities in areas where they are digging, performing work in tight spaces, and completing jobs next to live, high-voltage, energized lines. There is an immense respect for one another felt within this group because one slight move can cause an instant fatality. Every single team member has a laser focus on completing the job to the best of their ability, but its remaining cognizant of every task, the public, and every piece of equipment that has helped lead them to this moment. Every single aspect of a job has the potential to cause a safety incident if there is a lack in focus.

“When you’re safe, everything should follow. We plan our work out task by task, and are committed to following-through, staying organized, and working efficiently. If you’re doing safety right, we can focus on growing and completing a job with the highest level of quality in the industry.”

-Dave Debord, Director of Civil Energy – National

Our safety program works because we have 100% buy-in from our craftspeople. The Civil Energy Group can make procedures and protocols and enforce team, but it’s the focus shown by the field team members that drives ZERO and makes it possible. Every single Keeley’n is working towards a common goal and when everyone is aligned on safety and what it means to them, the team is unstoppable.

“Safety is non-negotiable. It’s the right thing to do every day not only for yourself, but for your team. We send our people home safely every day and that is something we are incredibly proud of. This record will help build Civil Energy’s reputation of excellence, safety, quality, and customer service. We care about each other, our partners, and our clients, and we truly are one big family looking out for each other.”

-Shane Spears, Project Director – Civil Energy

Click here to learn more about Civil Energy! Click here to learn more about KeeleySafe!


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