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Keeley Construction Hires New Regional Director in Charlotte, NC

SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 – SAINT LOUIS, MO – Keeley Construction is proud to announce our newest Keeley’n, Mike Gartrell, who will serve as the Regional Director of our Paving East Group out of Charlotte, NC. Mike brings decades of experience and a deep knowledge of the paving industry to the team and we are excited for his expertise in bringing our Paving Group to new and existing partners!

Mike began his paving career when he began working for a local asphalt company while he was in high school. He continued working there through college until he decided he wanted to branch out and start doing paving maintenance work on his own. Upon graduation, he started his business full-time growing from a maintenance provider to full-service paving, concrete, and complete site development. After 18 years, he sold the business and joined Old Castle Materials in 2013. In this position, he focused on building the company’s commercial department. He grew this department and the team, building relationships across the country. After ten years, he decided to join the Keeley family and help build our Paving East market. Paving and construction have always been Mike’s passion. He loves the fast-paced nature of the business and the incredible relationships he has formed with customers, suppliers, vendors, and team members. People are incredibly important to this industry and Mike is looking forward to bringing loyalty, comfort, trust, and unmatched customer service to the East region.

“I am incredibly excited to be joining the Keeley team. I am looking forward to solidifying this market and helping grow it exponentially. I can’t wait to hit the ground running and work with the team that has planted our roots here in Charlotte. I am excited to learn from them and help mentor and develop some of our newest Keeley’ns as they begin their career journey.”

When Mike was at Old Castle Materials, he was working on some projects for a major retailer and crossed paths with some Keeley Construction team members – Matt Taylor, Matt Bradley, Al Dreste, and Rich Roberts. Mike and Rich started talking, set up a meeting, and worked together on a bid for Keeley’s first project with this retailer. Even after this initial meeting was over and both teams moved on to new projects, Mike stayed in touch and quickly formed a strong relationship with these Keeley’ns.

“I have always been comfortable with the Keeley team and I always felt that we were doing more than just business together. Keeley’s national footprint and their stellar reputation made me realize that this was the perfect place for the next chapter in my career. I am looking forward to the culture and building this market to be the strongest presence in the region. I can’t wait to be part of building Keeley into the strongest, largest, and most sought-after self-perform paving contractor in the nation!”

Keeley Paving is headquartered in St. Louis, MO and we are excited to permanently bring our innovative Paving solutions to partners and customers in the Eastern region. With a vision for exceeding expectations and exponential growth, our Paving teams are ready to hit the ground running, providing industry-leading customer service, an unmatched dedication to quality, and an exceptional end product. Learn more about Keeley Paving here and follow our journey!


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