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Women in Construction Spotlight: Anna Hershberger

As our Heavy Industries team continues to grow and expand across the nation, our team has been working harder than ever to bring our customers world-class customer service while providing the highest quality project. Anna Hershberger, Lead Buyer, collaborates with our team and our customers to bring their visions to life.

When Anna came to Keeley, she immediately knew that the culture was a perfect fit. Since then, she dove head first into her work and while it can be challenging at times, she has a great team that takes ownership, answers questions, and continuously strives to find innovative solutions to any problem. The empowerment she feels from her team and from leadership makes her feel valued in what she does.

“I am trusted and consulted by my colleagues on day-to-day project needs. The goals and expectations are clearly defined which allows me the autonomy to make decisions for most aspects of my job responsibilities. If I need support in making any decisions, there are plenty of people and resources available to me within Keeley.”

Anna joined the construction industry purely by chance, but she has always worked with and around tools in some capacity. She began her career in the Tool Sales Department at a large retailer before moving becoming manager at a small construction tool repair shop. After managing the shop, her best friend landed a construction office job and Anna quickly followed in her footsteps. All of this led her to Keeley and she knows that she has found her niche along with an amazing group of people to work with. Joining a male-dominated industry was intimidating at first, especially being around such strong voices and personalities. However, Anna has learned to use her voice and let her thoughts and opinions be heard. At Keeley, she truly feels like she is surrounded by family, lifting her up and supporting her every single day. So, if she could give a piece of advice to other females just starting out in the industry, it would be:

“Know that your opinions and knowledge are important and valid to your team. Don’t be afraid to give input and feedback.”

Since beginning her construction career, Anna has learned a lot. The most important lesson she has learned is to always do her part to stay calm amongst the chaos of a fast-paced industry and try to stay one step ahead of any potential problems. By doing these two things, she has been able to grow and pave a path for herself that she never thought possible. When thinking about her future, Anna sees herself building upon her position, assisting on establishing new and improved processes to make workflow more effective. She sees the true benefits of the Power of One and wants to tap into that and come together to create stronger communication and better experiences for clients. Keeley is a special place and Anna truly believes that she has found her career destination.

“Keeley’s family atmosphere is one of the things that makes me so proud to be a Keeley’n. A few months after joining the Keeley team, my son was involved in an accident that took away a huge part of my focus from work. The support I received from my team was incredible, but so many Keeley’ns outside of my division reached out and it was truly heartwarming. I am so glad to be part of this company that is doing great things and empowering amazing people.”

Anna, thank you for helping grow our Heavy Industries team and for your passion for serving our customers. We are so grateful for your work ethic, positive attitude, and vision for growth!


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