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AGC Winner: Tower Grove Park East Stream Restoration

The Keeley Construction Heavy Civil Infrastructure Group is proud to have been named as an AGC Winner for their work on the Tower Grove Park East Stream Renovation Project in St. Louis, MO. The Keeley Heavy Civil Infrastructure Team worked to expose an underground creek, enhancing the park for generations to come while honoring the Osage Nation who had used this land and lived in the area long before it was established as a walking park.

New Construction | St. Louis, MO | March 2022

Project Background

Keeley Construction was enlisted by Tower Grove Park to expose a natural stream that had run underground for more than 100 years, revitalizing the park. Keeley’s Heavy Civil Infrastructure Group enhanced 14 acres on the east side of Tower Grove Park exposing the stream, adding natural play areas for children, and acknowledging the Osage Nation. Honoring and acknowledging the Osage Nation during this project was a top priority. As our team learned more about the Osage Nation and the meticulous thought and design that went into the project, our engagement and excitement grew as we continued to understand this important part of our history. This project also required stormwater improvement in adjacent areas to alleviate flooding. Tower Grove Park East Stream Restoration was received with 100% satisfaction due to Keeley’s commitment to offering the client turnkey solutions through delegated design and self-perform civil construction.

"The Tower Grove Park East Stream Restoration project was a unique project to be involved with, given the historical significance for the park and related infrastructure improvements for MSD’s existing storm sewer system. Keeley Construction was able to play an integral role in the success of the project, from management to field work. The AGC Keystone award allows the East Stream Restoration project team to get the proper recognition for providing a quality product that meets the overall vision of Tower Grove Park and all parties involved. Credit goes to the entire project team that includes; Tower Grove Park, Navigate Building Solutions, Keeley Construction, Lamar Johnson Collaborative, David Mason & Associates, and many others. I look forward to the public continuing to enjoy the revitalized East Stream and knowing that Tower Grove Park remains a primary feature of St. Louis."

-Matt Pfaff, Senior Project Manager, Keeley Heavy Civil Infrastructure

Innovative Solutions

Due to the scope of the project and inserting a large civil project into an existing park, there were some challenges with existing grades and trees that had to be solved. Tower Grove Park is visited by St. Louis residents and visitors daily and since this project would expose a large portion of the stream and disrupt walking paths, pedestrian safety was paramount. 100+ year old tree roots were spread throughout the property and with field changes, survey verification, specific routing of equipment, and temporary protection, Keeley Heavy Civil Infrastructure team members were able to effectively remove and protect these trees from any damage. Finally, procurement of hardscape products and natural stone proved to be a challenge as these materials needed to match the stone of the existing historical buildings.


The Keeley Heavy Civil Infrastructure team excelled in communication throughout this project, led by Matt Pfaff, Project Manager. Matt’s communication and dedication to our team, the Tower Grove team, the project, and the park was unmatched. His attention to detail allowed the project to run smoothly, being completed on time and with no punch list. This project prioritized quick, clear, and professional communications through weekly progress meetings with the Tower Grove and Keeley Construction Design Teams. These meetings were held to discuss the scope of work, changes in design, coordination for tree root removal, pedestrian walkways, and effective exposure of the existing stream.

Dedication to Safety

Keeley Construction brought our world-class safety culture, KeeleySafe, to this project, prioritizing the safety of our team members, our partners, our subcontractors, and park visitors. By holding daily stretch and flex routines and Jobsite Hazard Analyses, Keeley Construction was proud to achieve ZERO recordables throughout the duration of this project and receive everyone’s full buy-in. By sharing Jobsite Hazard Analyses with the client every day, hearing the voices of Keeley’s safety and management teams, and taking any and all precautions to mitigate risk, the team was able to achieve their mission of getting every team member home safely, every single day.

Surpassing Quality Expectations

Keeley Construction’s Quality Program is structured to help team members and subcontractors identify the appropriate requirements to ensure compliance and avoid rework. We strive to complete our work right the first time by using a four-step quality plan on every project. The first phase includes a design and document review used to confirm the coordination and constructability of the project. The second phase includes a field review of preliminary work to ensure compliance. The third phase includes ongoing reviews of work and completion inspections such as punch lists. The final phase reviews the rectification of any concerns that arise through the Quality process.

Community Impact

Tower Grove Park serves as the backyard to one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in St. Louis and Keeley Construction was proud to increase the aesthetic of Tower Grove Park by exposing the stream. Neighbors and tourists are now able to visit a new, state-of-the-art area of the park. In the end, this project created a natural, environmentally-friendly playground for children. The plants and stones provided in the project held certain meaning to the Osage People, providing an opportunity for tours and signage to help the community learn about the Osage Nation and Osage people who lived in the area 1,000 years prior. Finally, the stormwater retention within bio basins assisted the community with flooding concerns.


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