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Women in Construction Spotlight: Yvonne Ping

By: Claire Sauer

L. Keeley has experienced tremendous growth year over year, and it wouldn’t be possible without our amazing people. Yvonne Ping, Assistant Account Manager for the Paving Group, lives out our customer service mantra, E3 (Empowered to Exceed Expectations), every single day. This dedication has been instrumental to the growth of our Paving Group and their ability to serve customers across the country.

Since Yvonne joined L. Keeley, she has fully embraced being a Keeley’n and all it has to offer. From the people on her team to the work that she performs, she believes that she has found her career destination. Yvonne also embodies E3, not only for her customers, but for her fellow team members. She constantly feels empowered in her work because of the trust her teammates put in her. This empowerment motivates her to go above and beyond on every job she is a part of.

When Yvonne was beginning her career, she knew that she wanted to do something in construction. She realized it was where her talents lied, and she had no reservations about stepping into a male dominated industry. While she was a little intimidated at first, she quickly rose to the occasion to show the incredible value she brought to the team. Through years of dedication, hard work, and mastering her craft, Yvonne has more than earned the respect of all those around her and has solidified her position as an integral part of the Paving Group. If she could give one piece of advice to other women starting out in the construction industry, it would be:

“Be the best of both worlds. Be a strong, independent woman who studies and masters her craft, while being beautiful on the inside treating others with kindness and respect. IN turn, know how valuable you are and be ready to fight for it when you must.”

Yvonne’s passion for being a Keeley’n is unmatched and she can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings. She is excited to continue growing in her position, making a difference, and encouraging those around her, not only on her team, but within the entire company and industry. As she has grown, she has learned that she can truly excel at anything she sets her mind to as long as she puts in the hard work. This mindset has gotten her to where she is today and will continue to take her where she wants to go.

Yvonne, your personal and professional growth have been incredible to watch. We are so grateful to have you in the Paving Group and we can’t wait to see all of the amazing things you will accomplish!

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