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What Does It Mean to Have a Culture of Quality?

By: Matt Muller

Many companies sell Quality, but what does this really mean? For most, it means they are giving their customers a good product at a good price, thus something of high value. If you do an internet search for your favorite product or company, I bet most include some quote about quality. Do they have a quality program or a written quality process? It’s hard to say, but if the business is in the manufacturing industry, it’s a safe bet that they have some sort of robust quality program.

How do you think this quality program concept translates to design and construction? If you ask any design firm or construction company to define quality, I’m sure you will receive various definitions, but all will no doubt have a strong opinion of what makes their work or product “quality”.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that a company will have a page on their website dedicated to their quality measures, procedures, and program as a whole. However, if they do, is it more than a quality procedure manual or document that will only be utilized when a problem arises?

While Quality is defined as “the degree of excellence” and “conformance to requirements”, the following quote may shed some light on the difference between a dedicated Quality program and a Culture of Quality:

“Quality is not an act; it is a habit”

– Aristotle

Culture is defined as a set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices. If the leaders of a company develop and foster a true culture of quality, by definition we can achieve the HABIT of QUALITY.

Habits drive business and Quality plays an important role in business from products and processes to the people doing the work themselves. Quality can be the very difference that determines whether something is a success or a failure. This is why it is so important for organizations to focus on Quality as a process, a program, and a habit, and not a static document or control plan.

L. Keeley is centered around the wise words of our founder, Larry Keeley:

“Quality and service never go out of style”.

The very core of our organization is based in a culture of customer service and quality, constantly exceeding expectations and providing the best products to our customers. Our Quality Management Program (QMP) at L. Keeley is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act process and the Three Phases of Quality; Preparatory, Initial, and Follow-up. The LKC QMP was developed to be scalable for each of our Groups, no matter the size or scope of the project. We strive for continuous improvement and encourage everyone to participate in the ongoing development of our program. Quality is for Every Keeley’n, Every Action, Every Time!

Quality is never an accident and remember, Quality MATTters.


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