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Women in Construction Spotlight: Vinnette Shim

As our Paving Group continues to expand and provide Capital & Maintenance services across the nation, our people continue to grow and exceed expectations. Vinnette Shim, Superintendent for our National Paving Team, leads her group with passion, dedication, and positivity, constantly providing our partners and customers with an unmatched Paving experience.

Since joining the Keeley team, Vinnette has truly felt that she is part of a family. As part of the National Paving Team, she is regularly onsite working directly with our subcontractors and making decisions on how the project should move forward. This responsibility has given Vinnette confidence that her opinions, ideas, and decisions are heard and taken seriously.

“I love being part of the Keeley culture that truly focuses on our people. Every day, I am treated with the utmost respect from every Keeley’n.”

When Vinnette decided she wanted to work in construction, she knew she would have to work harder than her team members to prove that she truly belonged in this male-dominated industry. Her architectural background helped her grow and every team member has always seen and treated her as an equal. As long as everyone respects each other, there are no issues and the job can get completed with the highest quality. Vinnette has loved her construction experience and if she could give a piece of advice to other women just starting out, it would be:

“Go in with an open mind and learn how to do things onsite. Use your voice and suggest ideas or solutions to solve any problems that might occur. Discuss things with your leadership and team members to come up with innovative solutions that will benefit everyone.”

Vinnette is looking forward to her future on the Paving team. Her vision for her future is to gain more responsibility and continue to travel all while learning new things within the Paving industry. She enjoys training others on what she has learned so they can go as an individual and be able to use that knowledge on their jobs. Knowing that she contributes to young minds gives her an incredibly rewarding feeling that she is shaping the future of the National Paving Team.

“I am grateful to be a Keeley’n and will continue my journey here until I retire. I absolutely love the people and how everyone is truly treated with respect, integrity, discipline, and are empowered to exceed expectations no matter what.”

Vinnette, thank you for your dedication to our National Paving Team. Your unwavering support and positivity have helped get us to where we are today.


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