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Women in Construction Spotlight: Delaney Howard

Keeley Companies is all about growth – growing our business, growing our national footprint, but most importantly, growing our PEOPLE. Delaney Howard, Project Coordinator for Heavy Civil Infrastructure is a perfect example of what it means to pave your own path. She came to Keeley, found her passions, and took her career into her own hands.

Delaney began her journey at Keeley working as a receptionist, greeting Keeley’ns, visitors, and managing the office. She quickly realized that she wanted to grow her career at Keeley and learn more about field operations. Don Recar, Superintendent for Heavy Civil Infrastructure, took Delaney under his wing, showing her the ropes to become the first female team member in the Heavy Civil Infrastructure group.

“The best thing about working with the Heavy Civil Infrastructure group is that I truly don’t feel like I am working in a male dominated industry. I feel like I am right where I need to be.”

Delaney grew up with friends and family in the industry, and they are the ones that pushed her to apply for the receptionist position at Keeley. She knew she wanted to get her foot in the door of a rapidly growing industry and Keeley was the perfect place for her. While she came in with a different mindset of what she wanted her career to look like, the resources and guidance she received from her peers opened her eyes to the possibilities of a career in construction. Learning about the operations side of the industry shifted her mindset and allowed her to grow her career in a way she never thought possible. If Delaney could give a piece of advice to other women just starting out in the industry, it would be:

“We work alongside some of the smartest and toughest people in the industry and that should make any female in the industry feel empowered to want to be at the same level. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to lead a conversation. It can be tough, but we are meant to be here.”

As she advances in her Heavy Civil Infrastructure role, Delaney is looking forward to what is to come. She enjoys working within the chaos and continuously learns from her mistakes to keep moving forward. She takes every conversation as a learning lesson to hone her craft and while there will be hard times, she will continue to work hard to improve on every project. At Keeley, she knows the sky is the limit.

“Being a Keeley’n means you will always have a family who will be there for you during your best and worst times. If you do not have a supportive environment within your job, you will not succeed. My favorite thing is knowing you will always have a chance to better yourself and grow to be the best you can be in your career.”

Delaney, thank you for your fearlessness and dedication to our Heavy Civil Infrastructure group. Your unique perspective, work ethic, and positive attitude continue to help us thrive!


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