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Women in Construction Spotlight: Aeryn Burton

By: Claire Sauer

Our craftspeople are the backbone of our company and truly are the reason for our incredible growth and success. Our Civil Group has teams across the country working hard to deliver world-class quality and service on every project. Aeryn Burton, Foreman/GPS Grade Checker, is a true embodiment of this spirit as she works on our largest project in company history. Her dedication to her team is evident and the Civil Group wouldn’t be where it is today without her.

Aeryn joined the construction industry five years ago and will tell you that it is still one of the best decisions she has ever made. Prior to construction, she worked in a nursing home and while she enjoyed her job, she knew she needed something different. Her dad is a union operator and at his suggestion, she joined the laborers union. This decision led her to L. Keeley which has opened the door to countless new opportunities. Aeryn has gained the knowledge and expertise that led her to becoming a skilled foreman.

“Working here has definitely made me a more well-rounded individual and a more knowledgeable team member.”

When she joined the L. Keeley team, she was encouraged to take on new challenges right from the beginning. She knew that if she had questions or needed help with something, her supervisors and fellow team members would always be willing to help or guide her in the right direction. For Aeryn, being a part of a team that supports every team member has been the most empowering part of her job.

When Aeryn joined the construction industry, that also meant she was joining a male-dominated industry. She realized quickly that it can be difficult, but she works hard to overcome the typical stereotypes that come with the job. However, everyone on her L. Keeley team has been incredibly supportive, always treating her as an equal. Since she knows how challenging it can be, the one piece of advice she would give to young women starting out in the industry, would be:

“Don’t underestimate yourself. Even if you think you might not be able to do something, just try. You might surprise yourself!”

Throughout her five years in the industry, the most important lesson she has learned is to be assertive. It can sometimes be difficult, but she continuously to reminds herself to speak up and make her voice heard so she can help not only herself, but her team grow. As for the future, she is excited to grow and become a stronger grade checker, to continue working with Total Station and working in AGTEK, and one day, doing take off. Aeryn has loved her construction journey so far and she is excited for what the future holds.

“There is always something to be learned when it comes to this kind of work and that is what excites me for the future.”

Aeryn is a valuable member of our L. Keeley family and we are so proud of her growth and passion for her team. Thank you for your continued dedication, we can’t wait to watch you achieve your vision!


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