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Our Self-Perform Capabilities

Keeley Construction is proud to offer a wide variety of self-perform services across our business groups. Each group’s unique abilities provide our customers with high-quality work that aligns with their goals.

“We are a true builder and a true constructor. It creates a Power of One mentality because each of our business groups has strong self-performing capabilities.”

-Jim Lee, Executive Vice President


The Civil Group is able to self-perform roughly 90% of the services they offer. These services include:

Excavation | Sewer | Utilities | Water Services | Drilling | Caisson | Pile Driving | Earthwork | Sitework | Concrete Paving

The Civil Group can perform any service that deals with concrete, steel, asphalt, rock, or dirt.


Working with our other business groups gives us the opportunity to offer the true Power of One. We’re a one-stop, customer-centric partner, and each group knows what they are going to get when the Paving Group shows up onsite.”

-Matt Taylor, Senior VP of Paving

The Paving Group has crews that can self-perform various services across the country. These services include:

Asphalt | Crack Filling | Seal Coating | Striping | Concrete | Milling

The Paving Group is the foundation of Keeley Construction, focused on living by our founder’s mantra, “Quality, Safety, and Service never go out of style.”


"Keeley Construction is unique because we have about 650 tradespeople consisting of laborers, carpenters, operators, ironworkers, millwrights, and more. Ultimately, this gives us the power to be a builder and not just a broker of work."

-Devin Gates, Project Manager | Building

The Building Group works hard to improve our communities every day, enhancing the ways in which we live, work, play, and engage. The Building Group’s self-perform services include:

Rough & Finished Carpentry | Demolition | Flatwork | Concrete

By utilizing our own teams and tapping into the talents of Keeley’s other business groups, we are able to provide the Power of One to our customers. Keeley truly is your trusted easy button.


"We're the special projects group. The team that isn't afraid to tackle the complex jobs that others shy away from. From food & beverage and car shredders, to rock crushers and level 1 cleanrooms - our team is nimble enough with the expertise to seamlessly execute beyond expectations."

-John Herrin, VP of Building

The Industrial Group has traveling crews that allow them to self-perform various services for their customers. These services include:

Ironwork | Steel Erection | Miscellaneous Steel | Millwright

Click here to learn more about Keeley’s steel erection capabilities.

The Advantage

Keeley’s self-perform capabilities offer incredible advantages to our customers. Using our crews for various aspects of a project can give us the ability to accelerate schedules because we have our own people doing the work, making it easier for us to control.

Keeley has a robust Quality Management Program that guides our team through a project, ensuring we do the work right the first time. This allows us to provide quality assurance as our Quality Program and dedicated Director of Quality supports and enforces the work that we do.

Finally, our safety culture, KeeleySafe, and safety record are second to none. We work hard to spread our safety culture to our people from leadership through every team member and subcontractor onsite. We provide resources that empower our teams to call out unsafe acts, making sure that every single person makes it home at the end of the day. This culture gives our customers peace of mind knowing that they are going to receive an extremely safe project.

“If you can get out of the ground under budget and on or under time, it’s really difficult for a project to go sideways. We provide surety, control, and we really create that foundation for the entire project’s success.”

-Tom Birkemeier, President of Keeley Construction


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