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Keeley Industrial Spotlight: Project Smile

St. Peters, MO | New Distribution Facility | 2021

In 2021, the Keeley Construction Industrial team was called on to install the steel needed for a new distribution facility for a large retailer. This project presented the opportunity to build upon our existing relationships with the General Contractor and the Steel Fabricator. These relationships gave the client peace of mind and comfort knowing that the Keeley Team would work well with these partners, getting the job completed.

There were a few challenges that the team had to face on this project, but with a nimble, customer-centric attitude, they were able to overcome these challenges. Much of this project took place during the winter months with a cold snap delaying the project halfway through the scope of work. The Keeley Team worked closely with the General Contractor to implement innovative solutions to get the job moving as quickly as possible while helping to alleviate the schedule impact when the team was able to safely resume work. Lastly, the building access location that was understood in the bid was changed prior to beginning the work. Due to this change, Keeley was able to work with their partners to efficient move the materials inside the building, keeping everyone safe.

The Keeley Team, General Contractor, and Steel Fabricator worked together seamlessly to complete this project on-time while exceeding quality expectations and flawlessly executing the initial plan. These partnerships, along with Keeley’s dedication to safety, productivity, collaboration, and constant communication, has led to future opportunities.


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