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L. Keeley Civil Group Overview

L. Keeley’s Civil Group epitomizes our core cultural and foundational principles. This is illustrated through LKC Civil's complex projects executed strategically with expertise in challenging environments. The Civil Group’s ability to adapt and respond to the needs of their customers is the cornerstone of their success as the go-to Civil contractor. They specialize in technically challenging projects that others shy away from, executing every operation with excellence.

The Civil Group’s main offerings include:



Transmission & Distribution Construction

We provide support and services for the construction and installation of end-to-end electrical transmission and distribution systems across challenging terrains.

Foundation | Ability to construct all foundation types: drilled piers, driven piling, helical piling, micro-piling, and formed foundations for transmission line and substation projects.

Renewables/Solar/Wind | Provides site access, wind turbine foundations, structural concrete, driven pile, site restoration, and distribution for both the solar and wind renewable industries.

Drilling Services | With a growing internal fleet of six vertical drills, the Civil Group can provide turnkey, self-perform solutions to meet deep foundation needs.

Spill Control | Offers complete construction services to support environmentally sound spill control initiatives to entrap and contain transformer oil spills at live substations.

Security Upgrades | Design and construction services to implement security initiatives to protect vital components of the power grid system from the threat of terrorism and general vandalism.

Access | Provides temporary roads & access during construction to support heavy traffic flow of equipment and materials to remote sites.

Restoration | Following completion of construction, the Civil Group can restore the site and access with the intent to bring it back to original conditions.

Click below to learn more about Transmission & Distribution services.

Energy & Renewables

The Civil Group provides site access, wind turbine foundations, structural concrete, driven pile, site restoration, and distribution for both the solar and wind renewable industries.

Click below to learn about our Solar Panel Farm project.

Siteworks & Utilities

  • Underground Fuel Systems

  • Storm Water Piping Installation

  • Sanitary Piping Installation

  • Bypass Pumping Operations

  • Sanitary Lift Station & Force Main Construction

  • Underground Storm Water Retention Systems

  • Pre-Cast and Cast-In-Place Box Culvert Construction

  • Bio Retention Systems

  • Deep Excavation / Specialty Shorting Expertise

  • Domestic Water & Fire Main Installation (Both Public and Private)

Water / Wastewater Treatment

  • Booster Pump Stations

  • Horizontal & Vertical Pumps

  • Lift Stations

  • Open & Pressure Type Filtration Systems

  • DAF Systems

  • Claricone Clarifiers

  • Aeration Equipment

  • Storage Tanks

  • Chemical Feed Systems

  • SCADA Operation Systems

  • Pile Driving

Click below to learn more about our work for the City of Troy Water Treatment Plant.

Structural Concrete

The Civil Group provides advanced architectural and structural concrete services to design and implement complex projects.

  • Structural Cast-In-Place Building Foundation Systems

  • Cast-In-Place Retaining Wall Systems

  • Multi-Story, Cast-In-Place Concrete Structures

  • Cast-In-Place Box Culvert and Underground Detention Systems

  • Cast-In-Place / Pre-Cast Parking Structures

  • Expertise in a Wide Variety of Forming Systems

  • Design Assist / Design-Build Capabilities

  • Self-Perform Steel Reinforcement Installation


The Civil Group constructs and maintain high-quality specialized concrete flatwork by providing the following:

  • Exterior Concrete Paving

  • Concrete Slab on Grade and Slab on Metal Deck Construction

  • Site Concrete

  • Machine & Equipment Pads

Click below to learn more about the Cortex Station & Central West End Platform Extension project.

Aviation Fuel Systems

  • Hydrant Fuel Pit Construction

  • Hydrant Cart Construction

  • Tank Farm Construction

  • Aviation Fuel Line Installation

  • Existing Fuel Line Abandonment Services

  • Existing Tank Farm De-Commissioning

  • All Civil Site, Pavement, and Structural Concrete Services Self-Performed Related to Aviation Fuel Construction

  • Wellpoint Abandonment

  • Self-Perform Demolition Services


The Civil Team provides the following specialty construction services to meet your specific project needs:

  • Specialized Shoring Systems

  • Earthwork / Mass Excavation

  • SWPPP Installation & Maintenance

  • Soil Remediation

  • Fine Grading / Restoration

Learn more about our Civil Group here.


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