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Keeley Paving: Your National Paving Contractor

The Keeley Paving Group may have started with humble beginnings in St. Louis, but over the past four decades, it has grown into a full-service construction provider with a nationwide footprint. Our Paving team has planted its roots across the nation with offices in St. Louis, Phoenix, and Texas, while traveling and completing work in 45 states. With a strategic plan for the future, leadership has been able to grow this group exponentially and now have more team members in more states than ever before. Keeley Paving’s capital services have been established for a long time, with long-standing partnerships and a deep portfolio of quality work. However, over the past few years the maintenance and reactive work has grown and Keeley Paving has been able to scale this growth and offer customer service that exceeds expectations.

“We have a lot of Keeley’ns on the ground and we have the ability to access sites quickly. When a request or repair comes in, we can be onside to assess the situation in three days, submit a bid in seven days, and upon receiving a winning bid, we can complete a reactive project in 30 days or less. Communication is key in this process and is one of the most important things we do. We live out our mission and it is why our customers keep coming back. We are the true partner who provides turnkey solutions.”

-Garry Berra

Keeley Paving is able to provide all maintenance and capital services on a national level and our self-perform crews provide asphalt, concrete, fencing, mill overlay, and full lot reconstruction services. Doing work in 45 states has allowed our teams to build strong, long-lasting partnerships. Keeley Paving’s growth has come about organically while also utilizing strategic planning to look at where there are gaps in the market and what areas need world-class paving services. Many times, a trusted partner will approach the team and ask us to enter a new market because their needs are not being met. We will then hire talented team members in those areas and get the Keeley name out into the market. It’s all about getting in front of customers, asking what they need and how Keeley can benefit them, listening, and responding quickly. These partnerships have only helped our growth and we are grateful for every single customer.

“We are a customer-centric partner that keeps customers coming back year over year. We partner with customers that share our value and align with our mission. We may not be the most cost effective, but our teams provide high quality, safe services that solve the problems that need to be solved. Customers know that when they call Keeley Paving they will get a quick response and an innovative solution.”

Keeley’s national capabilities are continuously evolving and growing strategically. It is an incredible opportunity to grow when we have dedicated team members spread nationally that can quickly assist a customer with a problem. It is these face-to-face interactions that lay the foundation for a strong working relationship as our customers can see the work that our crews do and the strong work ethic that we strive to exemplify. Our systems and processes keep us organized and in constant communication with customers every step of the way and we are excited to continue to enhance these as we grow and evolve. Keeley Paving is at the heart of everything we do.


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