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Keeley Paving Spotlight: Maryville University

Keeley Construction is proud of the strong, long-lasting relationship we have built with Maryville University. From educational opportunities to esports facilities, the Keeley + Maryville partnership has paved the way for incredible opportunities. When two of the parking lots on Maryville’s St. Louis campus was in need of maintenance and repairs, they called upon the Keeley Paving team for our innovative solutions and industry-leading services.


Lots 19 and 20 on Maryville’s campus, which totaled to 150,000 SF of surface area, needed complete resurfacing. These parking lots had localized areas in the subgrade with a high moisture content and wet subgrade leads to a shortened life span of any parking lot. To relieve this hydrostatic pressure, the Keeley team installed a French drain system to increase the life span of the new, repaired parking lot. After the French drain system was installed, the team applied an asphalt leveling or wedge course to the entire parking lot to smooth the surface that needed overlaying. Then, the parking lot was overlaid with 2” asphalt using MODOT approved mix designs. Once the overlay was complete, the team installed 2,000 LF of machine formed asphalt curb and restriped the parking lot.

Keeley Construction is dedicated to sustainability and leaving our environment better than when they found it. The team retromilled 2” of asphalt off of the old parking lot and hauled 2,000 tons of asphalt degree to a plant where it was refined and recycled to be used for future mix production.


The job was completed in three weeks and the Maryville team was completely satisfied with the end product.


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