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Keeley’n Spotlight: Koby Hilderbrand

Our Paving Group is our largest business group and we are proud of our team members for bringing the Keeley difference to every single jobsite. Our craftspeople work day in and day out to exceed expectations, allowing us to expand across the nation and reach our vision. Koby Hilderbrand, Laborer, has worked on projects for some of our most trusted partners and uses his skills to grow himself, his team, and Keeley Construction.

Koby joined the Keeley team back in March and has enjoyed every second. He joined a close-knit team that treats everyone with respect, lifts each other up, and helps each other grow and improve in every aspect of their work. This incredible team has meant a lot to him and makes his days enjoyable and something he looks forward to every day. This team, along with the Keeley culture, has also allowed him to feel empowered in his work.

“I feel empowered in my work because at the end of the day, after working on or finishing a project for a client, I feel great. This makes me feel like I’m doing something good. I also love knowing that I am able to support my family.”

When Koby was thinking about his future, he never thought he would end up in construction. He originally wanted to be a counselor, but after taking a seal coating job to make some extra money, he realized that he loved working outside and that an indoor, desk job was not for him. Since then, he has had a variety of jobs in the industry – asphalt paving, concrete, landscaping – all of which led him to Keeley! He loves being able to work with his hands and see someone’s vision truly come to life and is grateful to have found himself in construction. So, if Koby could give a piece of advice to someone starting out in the industry or thinking about joining construction, it would be:

“I still feel like I am starting out in the industry because it is changing so much every day. However, if I could talk to someone else just starting out, I would tell them to stay calm and have as much patience as you can. Nothing happens overnight, so when you feel like giving up, just keep pushing and go harder. It’s how you learn and grow.”

Since joining the industry and joining Keeley, Koby has learned a lot about himself. He has learned that his skills and his voice are valuable. He has gained confidence that has helped him in both his professional life and his personal life and he is grateful for the support of his team members and his leaders. He knows he has found a great home at Keeley and is excited for what the future holds, hopefully retiring at Keeley when the time comes.

“My favorite thing about Keeley is the atmosphere – it truly is unmatched. It’s a place where you can come and learn in a hands on environment. Every single Keeley’n wants to see you succeed. I was always told to treat others the way you want to be treated and I see that lived out at Keeley every single day. I am looking forward to my future here, continuing to work hard and get better.”

Koby, thank you for your passion and excitement on the jobsite every day! We are so grateful to have you as a Keeley’n and can’t wait to see where your path takes you. Your future is bright!


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