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Keeley Civil Spotlight: Poet’s Pointe

New Construction | San Antonio, TX | 2023

After building a trusted partnership with the City of San Antonio, Keeley Construction was called upon to complete a second art installation in the city – Poet’s Pointe. The Poet’s Pointe project was designed by Stantec and Bain Medina Bain in conjunction with the City of San Antonio Arts Department and local artists. The installation was built on an unused piece of property owned by the city. The end result was a small park with a concrete art wall / bench with artistic shade structures. These aspects were cohesively mixed with sidewalks, grass, and trees for neighbors and visitors to enjoy.

The Keeley Team self-performed the entire project, bringing peace of mind and a dedication to quality and safety. However, there were some challenges the team had to overcome. First, the Geotech report called for the site to be chemically injected to mitigate the existing sulphates from attacking the future concrete overtime. The team had originally planned for one round of injections, but ended up having to complete three rounds before achieving the desired results. However, through meticulous planning and expertise, Keeley was able to keep the cost down and the three rounds of injections were cheaper than excavating the entire site. Secondly, the shape of the art wall / concrete bench presented a unique set of hurdles. The City’s engineering firm would not let the team pour the 90ft wall methodically, leading to more pours and more time. Team Keeley embraced this challenge and used it as an opportunity to show how their adaptability did not compromise quality.

The Keeley team completed this project to the full satisfaction of the client.

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