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Keeley’n Spotlight: John Dottenwhy

Our Civil Energy Group is expanding across the nation, providing high-quality workmanship to valued partners in the Energy industry. Having completed projects such as solar farms, transmission and distribution lines, and substations, our Keeley’ns are dedicated to upholding the strict regulatory requirements in the industry while prioritizing quality and safety. John Dottenwhy, Project Director of Large Projects, leads his team with a passion for providing exceptional customer service and a dedication to excellence.

John first got a taste of the Keeley culture when he was with a different company. In 2017, when he was working as an electrical contractor, John partnered with the Keeley Civil team on a large transmission line project with Keeley completing the access, SWPPP, and foundation installation phases of the job. Since then, John maintained a relationship with Mark Wojtal, VP of Energy and when the opportunity to join the Keeley team presented itself, John jumped at it and hasn’t looked back. Being able to join a team that he admires, taking on new challenges and helping grow the team has allowed John to feel incredibly empowered in his work:

“When I started in this position, I understood what was expected of me, the needs of the group, and the vision for growth. There has been nothing but support and I have continuously been provided with the tools I need to fulfill my roll and purpose at Keeley.”

John never knew he wanted to be in construction until college. He originally started college with a nursing degree in mind, but after realizing that nursing wasn’t for him, he switched majors and landed on Construction Management. This led him to a job working for a foundation contractor during his summers and looking back, he can’t imagine doing anything else. John’s favorite part about construction is the amazing people he has met and being a true problem solver for his clients. A lot of time in construction, work can go unnoticed, but it’s very rewarding for John to be able to see the things he has had a hand in building. John knows that his love for the industry is common, so if he could give once piece of advice to those just starting out, it would be:

“Travel. If provided the opportunity to travel for your company, take it. There is no better way to stand-out and show your team that you are willing to step up to a challenge. Be who you are and be steadfast in your morals. Finally, if you don’t know something, own up to it and come back to your team, leader, or customer with an answer once you have taken the time to find it. People recognize effort and working hard over talent.”

Keeley is driven by a common set of core values – PRIDE – and John’s favorite value that he sees lived out every single day is Integrity. John holds himself to a very high standard and being able to work with a team that is of high integrity has allowed him to thrive. The Civil Energy team strives to always do what is right for their clients and partners, even when it might not be favorable for them and always doing the right thing and treating everyone with respect is what sets John and his team apart and has allowed them to grow as quickly as they have.

John is grateful that he found his way to Keeley and knows that it is his career destination. His team, the vision for growth, the work that he does, and the culture keep him coming back every day with a smile on his face.

“If you are someone with the mindset and the ability to be dedicated, hardworking, and persistent, Keeley is the place for you. Keeley will always give you the resources, tools, and support you need to take your career in whatever direction you want.”

John, thank you for your positive attitude, unmatched dedication to your work, and enthusiasm. The Civil Energy team is lucky to have you and we can’t wait to see what amazing accomplishments lie ahead for you!


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