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Keeley Construction: Texas' Chosen Paving Contractor

Keeley Construction was built on the foundation of our Paving Group when Larry Keeley started the business in 1975. What began as a local, family-owned paving contractor has grown into a nationwide, full-service construction company. However, the Paving Group is still at the heart of what we do and after decades of serving customers across the nation, we knew it was time to plant our roots and become a permenant Texas Paving Contractor. After some strategic planning and looking at various markets, we decided on New Braunfels, TX as the next home for Keeley Paving. With the support of leadership, our Keeley’ns in Texas have built an incredible team, solidifying Keeley as the chosen Texas Paving Contractor.

“It’s been an exciting journey building our team into a true Texas Paving Contractor. We have the right people in the right seats and we are always looking forward to ensuring we are ready for the work ahead of us, bringing the Keeley difference to the Texas market.”

-Matt Bradley, Regional Director

Keeley Paving has served as a Texas Paving Contractor for decades, but making Texas our permanent home was important for our growth and for our teams to efficiently continue to serve our customers. We pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations on every single project and our Texas Paving Contractor teams work hard to ensure our customers know that they are receiving the same, unmatched dedication to quality and service that Keeley Construction was built on.

The Texas market is a vast region, so our Texas leadership has had to strategically hire crews and leaders that are capable, agile, and adaptable. These Texas Paving Contractor crews have been brought in-house, allowing us to control budget and schedule while prioritizing safety, quality, and customer service. Our Keeley’ns, our growth, and our work have allowed the team to build a strong vision for the future, and Matt is excited for Keeley Construction to be known as the premier Texas Paving Contractor across the state and the largest self-perform maintenance contractor across the nation.

“There have been a lot of challenging days on this journey, but the good days far outnumber the bad and make everything worth it. We have incredible Keeley’ns who are excited to build this team into an unstoppable Texas Paving Contractor. I can’t wait to see where the future takes us.”

-Mike Flom, Branch Manager - Texas Paving

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