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Keeley Building Spotlight: O Bee Credit Union

The Keeley Construction Financial Facilities Team has build a long-standing relationship with O Bee Credit Union, having completed multiple projects across Washington. Keep reading to learn more about two of these projects!

Tenino Branch

New Construction | Tenino, WA | 4,500 SF | 2019

O Bee Credit Union had established a small storefront presence in Tenino and after seeing great success, they called on Keeley Construction to help meet their need for a larger facility to support their growing membership. O Bee’s vision was to showcase its roots as the original credit union of the employees of the Olympia Brewing Co. by incorporating elements of a modern day “brew pub” into the branch space. A closed bank branch was available as a possible location and Keeley was able to focus and guide O Bee’s vision to reality.

The interior looks and feels like an actual microbrewery and attracted attention from around the country. Other features included an open concept, traditional style teller line, privacy glass, natural light, children’s financial literacy area, drive-up, and more. Color changing LED lighting illuminating a barrel-vaulted ceiling in the lobby creates a beacon affect along the main street in Tenino at night.

Pt. Ruston Branch

New Construction | Tacoma, WA | 2,500 SF | 2018

O Bee Credit Union sensed an opportunity in Pt. Ruston, an up-and-coming redevelopment nestled between Tacoma and Puget Sound. Calling on the Keeley Financial Facilities team, O Bee’s analysis was confirmed with financial projections developed by the Keeley Planning team. After Keeley provided an in-depth analysis of several options, a decision was made to lease a space and the team hit the ground running. The resulting branch is the culmination of the “brew pub” theme embraced by the Credit Union.

O Bee and Keeley Construction used authentic décor such as neon lighting, oak stave barrels, and real “tavern” fixtures to create a one-of-a-kind experience for the members. A local artist was used to paint period graphics onto the brick walls created in the space, reinforcing the image of the reborn brew house.


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