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LKC Building Spotlight: Keeley Companies Offices

By: Ryan Perryman

The L. Keeley Building group is dedicated to serving clients across the nation. However, when needs arise within the Keeley Companies, the Building Group continuously steps up and exceeds expectations. This is evident in three of our offices in St. Louis – ADB Companies Headquarters, L. Keeley Construction Headquarters, and ZeroDay Technology Solutions Headquarters.

ADB Companies Headquarters

Pacific, MO | New Office Construction | January 2019 | 62,000 Square Feet

ADB Companies needed to bring their two St. Louis based locations together into one headquarters that showcased their culture, unified their brand, and displayed their collaborative spirit.

The brand new, tilt-up structure features 32,000 square feet of modern workspace featuring rich textures and industrial fixtures that complete the interior identity. Open cable trays, exposed ductwork, and servers prominently on display in the lobby showcase the companies’ various technological capabilities. The building also features of 60 offices, five conference rooms, multiple collaboration spaces, two state-of-the-art training rooms, two outdoor patios, an incredible upstairs lounge, and much more!

This project also features a 30,000 square foot Fleet Maintenance Building that includes 18 service bays, multiple collaboration spaces, three private offices, a warehouse, and a parts room. This state-of-the-art fleet facility is roughly the size of a football field!

L. Keeley Construction Headquarters

St. Louis, MO | Renovation | 2016 | 22,000 Square Feet

L. Keeley Construction was looking to create a high energy space to engage both their team members and their clients. They wanted to consolidate all of their Keeley’ns into one headquarters that would unify the brand and translate their core values of PRIDE – People, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Empowerment – into their workplace environment.

This revitalized space features exposed structure and raw building materials of concrete, steel, wood, and corrugated metal. These exposed elements put emphasis on the “construction” presence L. Keeley has in the St. Louis community. Layering of the unique materials, along with brand colors, rich textures, and industrial fixtures complete the interior identity. Open cable trays, exposed ductwork, and computer servers prominently on display in the lobby are part of the building’s high-tech new look.

Finally, large scale collage-style graphics were added that feature the company’s Business Groups, world-class company culture, extensive community involvement, and corporate history. These graphics, and use of materials throughout the space, tell a story while showcasing the brand, foundation, and values of L. Keeley.

ZeroDay Technology Solutions Headquarters

St. Louis, MO | Renovation | 2016 | 10,000 Square Feet

ZeroDay Technology Solutions needed a headquarters that showcased ZeroDay’s vision to seamlessly connect people and technology. This project included conference rooms with state-of-the-art audio/visual upgrades, a contemporary common area for gathering, and a data center/managed services control center.

The modern design, furnishings, and fixtures act as the perfect backdrop for the ZDTS crew to promote their capabilities to clients on a daily basis.

Showcasing the Power of One, the L. Keeley Building Group completed this project down the road from their own headquarters.

Learn more about the L. Keeley Building Group’s Workplace projects here.

Reach out today to schedule a tour!

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