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Women in Construction Spotlight: Nicole Henderson

Keeley Construction’s presence is growing rapidly across the country, especially in one of our now largest markets – Texas. Our Keeley’ns have worked tirelessly to expand our efforts and build the team from the ground up. Nicole Henderson, Administrative Assistant for our Texas Paving team, has been instrumental in keeping this team running smoothly amidst growth and change.

Nicole joined the Keeley family earlier this year and was welcomed with open arms. She saw a job posting on LinkedIn that had been shared by a mutual connection. After reaching out to him and meeting with our leaders in Texas, she knew she had found her home. Her previous experience in the industry gave her confidence in joining her new team and she continues to feel empowered in everything she does.

“It is refreshing and encouraging to feel that what I can contribute is being heard, considered, and appreciated. I can feel the support of my team members and the encouragement of my manager every single day.”

Nicole grew up in a construction family, so it was a natural career path for her. Her father and grandfather were draftsmen, so she was looking at construction plans and learning about their tools as a toddler. She was able to watch her stepfather, a craftsman and finish carpenter, build and remodel her childhood home. She made the move to the paving side of construction in 2011 and works hard to learn and grow in her career so she can continue to support her family. Nicole’s favorite thing about the industry is the fast-paced environment and all the relationships she has built along the way. Opportunities and relationships in construction are key to growth and success and they are something that need to be prioritized from the first day on the job.

“The construction industry is one of ‘who do you know’ and it can be challenging when you first start out. I would encourage those entering the industry to reach out to their potential customers, suppliers, and even competitors to introduce yourself and set up meetings. Another tip would be to make it personal with a lunch meeting or gift to the office instead of just sending an email, text, or phone call. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be challenging, but it is worth the effort!”

Throughout her years in the industry, Nicole has seen just how important family is. At a previous company, she was put in a position of having to choose between her family and her job. With Keeley’s family values, Nicole knows that she never has to stress about supporting and caring for her five children while also focusing on her work. Keeley is invested in every team member, and Nicole is grateful that she is provided with the resources she needs to grow and prosper in her current role and beyond. She is incredibly excited for her future with Keeley and knows that the possibilities are endless.

“I know my future with Keeley is full of potential and growth! The best part is that I have the green light to learn and grow within the company. Keeley prioritizes investing in people and I don’t feel limited to my current job title. I plan on moving up as soon as possible and I am so thankful that Keeley supports and values my passion for education.”

Keeley Construction lives by our core values – PRIDE – and the value that Nicole sees lived out most every single day is Empowerment. She constantly witnesses Keeley’ns encouraging their team members to be their best and holding each other accountable to reaching their goals. It is rewarding and refreshing to see so many people that care so deeply for each other. This is something that made Keeley stand out to her and she believes that everyone can find their career destination here.

“I would recommend working at Keeley simply because of the focus of the company – people! Most large companies prioritize making money and while that is important to running a successful business, you are not going to succeed if you don’t have the right people supporting your business. Working at Keeley is like working with family!”

Nicole, thank you for being a part of our growing team in Texas. Your future is incredibly bright and we can’t wait to see all of the amazing things you accomplish!


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