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The Three Phases of Quality

By: Matt Muller

Consistent with the mission of L. Keeley, it is our policy to provide our clients with construction services that achieve the highest possible quality while being completed to specification, on time, and within budget. L. Keeley has established our Quality Management Program (QMP) to guide our work and ensure that we do things right the first time.

Construction Quality is the result of effective preparation, coordination, communication, and documentation. This is made possible by following the Three Phases of Quality. Originally developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Three Phases of Quality has been adopted by many Quality Programs. By following this process, we can plan, schedule, and install work in a consistent manner that will minimize or eliminate rework. The Three Phases include Preparatory, Initial, and Follow-up.

The Preparatory Phase

The first phase is the Preparatory Phase. The Preparatory Phase is performed prior to starting each scope of work and includes buyout coordination, constructability reviews, development of submittal matrix, submittal review, development of test & inspection matrix, mock-ups, and pre-activity meetings. The pre-activity, or pre-con meetings, tend to be the most valuable if managed correctly, as they allow the entire team to discuss the scope of work and confirm all parties are on the same page.

The Initial Phase

Our team then moves into the Initial Phase. This phase includes a review of preliminary work to ensure compliance with contract documents. Early review and confirmation ensure the right materials are installed correctly the first time to mitigate rework or call-backs. The initial phase review is also known as the Day-One Inspection or Verification. All issues identified during the Initial Phase are documented and tracked until properly and completely resolved.

The Follow-Up Phase

The final phase, the Follow-up Phase, includes on-going reviews of work, validation testing, and completion inspections. The project team will coordinate on-going inspection and test activities with the Owner and each subcontractor that interfaces with the work, as identified in the Project Inspection and Test Plan.

This three-phase process helps our teams identify issues early and resolve them quickly to ensure no delays occur and the customer’s expectations will be exceeded with a final product they can rely on for years to come. Our team is in constant communication with the customer during each phase ensuring the customer that Quality is consistently top of mind and a main priority throughout the duration of the project and even after completion.

Fostering a culture of quality is at the foundation of everything we do at L. Keeley. When all team members are aligned towards the same goal, exceptional quality will follow. If you are looking to bring a culture of quality to your organization, click here to learn more. It won’t happen overnight, but integrating these three phases will help you reach your goals and you will see incredible changes.

Quality is for Every Keeley’n, Every Action, Every Time! Quality is never an accident and remember, Quality Matters.


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