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LKC Building Spotlight: WEOKIE Executive Office Building

By: Ryan Perryman

Oklahoma City, OK | New Construction | 35,000 SF | Completed December 2020

L. Keeley’s relationship with WEOKIE Federal Credit Union continues to grow with the completion of their brand new, state-of-the-art Executive Office building in Oklahoma City. The L. Keeley Financial Facilities team adds this to their portfolio of projects completed for WEOKIE over the past 25+ years. Click here to learn more about our partnership with WEOKIE and learn more about previously completed projects.

WEOKIE approached L. Keeley with the need for a new Executive Office Building to accommodate the needs of their team accommodating their unprecedented growth in a building that would have a positive community impact. The newly completed building serves as a testament to the deliberate commitment WEOKIE’s leadership has made to growth through service in the Oklahoma City community.

The new 35,000 SF facility includes attributes to allow for speedy recovery from disasters, including an emergency generator and a partial basement. Two floors have been occupied immediately with one floor being set aside for future use. Demonstrating L. Keeley and the Credit Union’s focus on planning, the site and the building were configured to allow for a future addition if the need should ever arise. In addition, a freestanding branch for the Credit Union was constructed on the site to serve the financial needs of the members in the growing Oklahoma City community.

Some other unique features of the building include custom wall displays, including a Purpose Wall. These wall displays were designed and installed by the L. Keeley team. The Purpose Wall showcases success stories from various WEOKIE members. There is also a large events rooms to host larger meetings equipped with high-end AV / Collaboration technology. L. Keeley’s trusted partner, ZeroDay Technology Solutions, installed all Audio / Visual technology to allow for ease of use and remote conferencing. A training room was constructed with movable teller stations so new team members can have hands-on learning when it comes to teller transactions. Finally, a virtual greeter system was designed and implemented to allow for a remote attendant to greet an individual as they enter the building and guide them to the proper location for their business.

L. Keeley is grateful for our long-standing partnership with WEOKIE and we are so excited to watch the Credit Union grow. Watch the video below to learn more about the project.

Click here to learn more about L. Keeley Building.


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