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L. Keeley Industrial Group Overview

L. Keeley’s Industrial Group has established itself as a leader in its field for expertise in completing multi-million-dollar designs, installations, and maintenance of large-scale projects across the country. The Industrial Group offers full-range, self-performed services across the aerospace, food & beverage, steel, mining, chemicals and power/energy industries. This group has experienced exponential growth year over year and continuously exceeds expectations for their customers. Headquartered in St. Louis, the Industrial Group is working on projects across the country and are ready to serve your industrial needs!

“We’re a team of hands-on professionals who aren’t afraid to tackle the most complex projects that others shy away from. Our people have completed projects in a variety of industrial settings. We’re nimble, have the expertise, and begin each project with the goal to seamlessly execute beyond expectations.”

-Ted Mettler, VP of Industrial

L. Keeley has been growing its Ironworker services. The steel erection market is an area of expertise within the Industrial Group and their portfolio continues to grow. This is also an area in which the Industrial team provides competitive self-perform capabilities. With a talented and skilled group of traveling ironworkers, the team is ready and available to work on any project, located anywhere across the country. These ironworkers have the capabilities to self-perform steel erection, miscellaneous steel work which includes anything metal, and rigging of large pieces of equipment within a facility.

A Trusted Partner

Tennessee | 126,000 SF | Energy Management System | In-Progress

L. Keeley recently began work on a new project for a valued customer in Tennessee. They are moving their operations center and technical support facility to a new location. The operations center provides an energy management system for their energy generation facilities.

L. Keeley is fabricating and erecting the structural & miscellaneous steel for the systems operations center and technical support building. This first phase of the project will consist of erecting the systems operations center and the second phase will consist of erecting the technical support building, mechanical, and electrical buildings.


St. Peters, MO | New Distribution Facility | 2021

Earlier this year, the L. Keeley Industrial Group installed the steel for a new Amazon facility. This project was completed on-time and exceeded quality expectations. L. Keeley collaborated with the steel fabricator and the teams were able to flawlessly execute the initial plan.

The Industrial Group has also been growing in the following market sectors:

Food & Beverage

L. Keeley has formed a team of experts with years of experience in the food & beverage industry. As a nationwide Design-Builder, our team contains the in-house expertise to deliver a quality product from start to finish, managing all phases of the project with transparent customer communication. Our team can also self-perform work when it comes to state-of-the-art equipment for facilities. Our team of skilled millwrights can install and align equipment, from bottling to processing, and ensure that everything is working efficiently and are up to safety and quality standards upon completion. The team understands how important food safety is when it comes to food & beverage facilities and they work hard to ensure that all procedures and requirements are met while exceeding quality standards.

Dairy Farmers of America

Portales, NM | Utility Installation | In-Progress

Dairy Farmers of America Inc. is a national milk marketing cooperative in the United States. It is owned by and serves more than 14,500 dairy farmer-members representing more than 8,500 dairy farms in 48 states.

The project is currently underway and includes the controlled demolition of process equipment adjacent to an operating production facility. L. Keeley will be responsible for the utility installation and ground improvements through the existing utility courtyard. Sequenced erection of the new powder bin building will be implemented in order to facilitate just-in-time delivery of the new powder bins.

Monsanto Greenhouse Renovation

St. Louis, MO | 62,400 SF | Research Greenhouses | 2018

The Monsanto Greenhouse project was a complete remodel of 26 greenhouses on top of a six-story building. Every greenhouse was renovated with a new heating system, cooling system, ridge vent system, plumbing, floor coating, and all new glass glazing. The project was completed on a tight timeline to meet Monsanto’s specialized needs and to avoid interference with research schedules. This greenhouse renovation included 15,300 panes of glass, 7,600 linear feed of Fin tube, and 1,924 greenhouse lights over 62,400 SF of space.

The L. Keeley team installed a complex, automatic shading system beneath the greenhouse glazing assembly. The shading system was installed in exact alignment with the greenhouse trusses and walls to allow for complete elimination of light. A cutting-edge Argus Temperature Control System was also installed to communicate with a weather station located on the roof. Sensors were placed inside each greenhouse to control temperature, humidity, and sunlight. All project components were successfully completed with adhering to Monsanto’s strict, multi-phased timeline to avoid interfering with their critical research schedules.

Nestle Purina

St. Louis, MO | Food-Grade Facility | Self-Performed | 2019

L. Keeley worked with Nestle to expand their food facility and warehouse in St. Louis, MO. The expansion needed to meet all food-grade requirements and adhere to dust, UV, and sound control conditions. L. Keeley self-performed all utility, structure, steel, and pre-cast work allowing for a significantly more flexible schedule while working around unforeseen conditions.

The project was completed within budget and the customer was very satisfied with L. Keeley’s dedication to safety and quality throughout the entirety of construction.


The L. Keeley Industrial Group proudly serves a national defense and aerospace contractor as their trusted construction expert. Our team has worked to develop a robust construction program with our partner over the last ten years. We have been able to complete over 200 projects totaling well over $200 million to the full satisfaction of our partner. As this relationship has evolved, L. Keeley has continued to maintain the proper discretion, dedication, and diligence required to exceed expectations. All projects require a FOD (Foreign Object Damage) Prevention Program, as well as adherence to strict sound, lighting, climate, ventilation, and security systems within their secure facilities.

Some of our specialized projects have included:

  • Fighter Jet Paint Booths – climate controlled, clean room environment over 1,000,000 SF

  • Office remodels and expansions

  • Large aircraft carrier assembly line installation

  • Auditoriums with full flight simulators

  • Secure labs, data centers, and training facilities

  • Robotics foundations for defense and commercial assembly lines

  • Explosion-proof bunkers


Aggregate Processing Facility

Dupo, IL | 36,000 Manhours | Primary Expansion Project | October 2019

L. Keeley completed the construction of a rock crusher capable of crushing 3,000 tons of rock per hour in order to increase production. The project included installation of 2,200 ft of 48”/60” belt conveyor and 2,324 CY of concrete was poured during the construction phase. The completed project resulted in a 200% increase in production for the customer.

One of the most challenging aspects of this project was having to work around the existing schedule of the quarry. Other quarry activities were on a full production schedule during the construction of the primary plant. L. Keeley self-performed all concrete work and the installation of equipment and steel. The end result was a great partnership between L. Keeley and the customer, who was 100% satisfied with the execution and management performed by the L. Keeley.


L. Keeley is an industry leader when it comes to designing, installing, and maintaining state-of-the-art mega shredders and material separators for scrap contractors. The team has experience constructing two shredders and one shear. An L. Keeley-built shredder can completely shred a car within 10-12 seconds, during which the car will be transformed into softball-sized chunks, perfect for recycling.

PSC Car Shredding Process

St. Louis, MO | Relocation & Installation | September 2019

PSC Metals purchased an existing shredder located in Alton, IL to increase the capacity of their St. Louis facility. L. Keeley’s Industrial Team was approached for their ability to offer a turn-key solution and for our experience installing that exact same shredder in Alton, IL seven years prior. L. Keeley relocated the shredder to PSC’s St. Louis Facility. Foundations and machinery installation dates were staggered to maintain an efficient schedule fully utilizing our 30 plus manpower crew.

One challenge the team faced during construction was that the pipe pile received from the manufacturer did not meet design requirements. L. Keeley was able to fabricate a suitable collar around the manufacturer's welds to meet the necessary strength requirements. L. Keeley’s ability to find and implement a solution saved the client several weeks that it would have taken to re-procure new pipe pile. L. Keeley self-performed 80% of the project including site civil, pile driving, concrete foundations, steel erection, millwright installation of equipment, flatwork, and carpentry work.

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